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Can endometriosis be diagnosed without a laparoscopy?



Has anyone seen a consultant and got told they have endometriosis without having a lap or having discussed my symptoms. I have had a ultrasound, ct scan and mri scan due to growth on ovary. From my research the only way it can be conformed is from a lap.

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A doctor can say they suspect endo based on physical exam or findings on CT/MRI but the only way to definitively know is with laparoscopy with pathology report.

No, ive had all the scans under the sun and nothing ever showed. I got my diagnosis finally by having a lap, it was worth it. Ive read sometimes bowel endo sometimes shows up on an mri, but that it x

Mine was confirmed by the doctor in because of internal ultrasound. My right ovary was bad and it came out

Eventually I had laparoscopy to remove appendix and ovary

In my case the ultrasound should the ovary cysts and he suspected they were endometriosis cysts. I then had a lap and they discovered more endo in the area. I hope they can get your diagnosis soon xx

My endo came out of my perineum and swelled up and started to bleed old blood. It was biopsied and I was told it was endometriosis and I have never had a lap...yet!

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