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HRT post hysterectomy

Hi All,

Looking for some advice on HRT. I am now six weeks post op, having had a full hysterectomy and bowel surgery due to endo. My consultant currently has me on patches and a top up of estrogel as I was still getting hot flushes now and again.

I know it's early days and I'm completely new to all this, but I don't feel completely great on it and wondered if anyone has tried something that they get on with.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks, Holly

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Hi holly I've not yet had my hysterectomy as I've been put on prostap you have to complete 6 months with hospital policy before you can have it done. Any way I'm on livival hrt... But a friend suggested a lady magnet from boots I brought one £35 I've not took livial for 5 days now and I've not had any symptoms of menopause with it. Just heavy bleeding but that's the prostap. It might be worth a try my friends who have used them no endo but said been a God send through there menopause. Speedy recovery.


I had a hysterectomy and ovaries removed in September. I started straight away on livial (tibolone) and have felt absolutely fine - no menopause symptoms at all. I am 36. If you are young it is really important to take hrt for your health and bone density and not just to rely on alternative remedies for the menopause symptoms. I hope you find something that suits you. x


Hi. I had hysterectomy and ovaries out in Feb2015 at 42. I was on livial but did nothing for me. I've tried a few along the way but now on Kliovance and found that helped in 2-4 weeks so I'd recommend you try another.

Be sure it's a combined hrt as I was only on ostregen and that made endo regrow. Now on Kliovance by endo clinics recommendation. It's v low dose and if it doesn't work there's kliofem which is a bit stronger.

Good luck


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