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Prostap, hrt and waiting on hysterectomy!!

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Hi all,

newbie here. so iv been having problems for years, iv had lap investigation followed by an endometrial alblation last year, this year has been a battle with my gyne consultant to say im still in pain. I was started on prostap back in oct, whichin all fairness worked very well the only problem being i need the injection every 3 to 3 and a half weeks instead of 4. I was then started on hrt before xmas, everything has been bearable until 5 days ago, pain is unreal. went to a+e and had an ultrasound which shows fibroids they said this wouldnt cause the pain im in. anyway have been sent on and told to take 100mg tramadol with paracetamol and ibuprofen until surgery date which is end of march!! anyone had anything similar? advice would be really appreciated!!!

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Hi Lindle,

i had the lap done just with a gyne consultant who i was under, she also done my ablation. I was told that no endo was found. After the 1st injection of prostap roughly 3 and a half weeks after it i was in alot of pain and my normal gp along with the consultant said it was normal for this to happen, ( apparently happens alot) and the injection from there forwards was to be given early ( 4-5 days from due date) which they have done ever since. Obviously this week would be far too early to have it so starting to question if it is the injection wearing off which is causing the pain.

I get the pain around the 3 week mark every time, this month seems to be shorter. Iv had extremely heavy bleeding and prolonged for around 10years and alot of pelvic pain to the point i can not move. All of which is why iv had ablation ect and now for hysterectomy because the pain hasn't gone and honestly i am exhausted!!

It sounds horrendous the situation you are in at the moment and I can truly say I understand.

I am currently on the maximum amount of morphine that my GP will give me and still in pain daily to the point I cant do anything some days. I am having a full hysterectomy on 22nd feb and the wait seems too much to bear.

Have you tried the 12 week prostap injections at all? My gynae said the 4 week ones often wear off before the date and he finds the 12 week ones work better as your hormone levels are stable for longer like. What type of HRT are you on? I would say with your increased pain the most likely is that your HRT level needs adjusting. Maybe go see your gp and discuss?


Hi livvi,

never been given the option for the 3 month injection sadly. I am on livial 2.5mg, my gp has been fab to be fair, she is always pushing the hospital when things are bad. xx

Ohhh maybe ask your gp to see if they could do the 3 month one but I would go and talk about hrt as sometimes a diffetence in dose can help. Xx

I don't think they will change the injection now as my surgery is due in march, iv been speaking to a really nice nurse from the gyne ward who has said the surgery needs to be pulled forward but she needs to talk to consultant first who seems to be a nightmare to get hold of. They have said they are happy for me to be admitted for pain releif but means i have to go through a+e to get there:-( xx

Ahhh well I hope they manage to sort it out. Maybe worth going to a+e if you cant get your pain under control. Xxx

I had my injection today so if it doesn't ease by tomorrow then i think i will, xx

Ohhh sorry I misunderstood I thought you were mid injection for the prostap rather than due another. Hopefully if you have had it today it starts to help. Xx

Hi there I have only just started Prostap and HRT and it has definitely made my symptoms worse and it is unbearable. I am also on Tramadol, paracetamol and oromorphe when needed but that isn't easing it and Ive been reassured that it does get easier and works after 3/4 weeks but Ive never had this before unfortunately. I think the prostap breaks fibroids down so that could be causing alot of the pain but its a shame the A&E didn't refer you to gynae for some more advice, i hope you're feeling better soon and the hysterectomy provides some relief xx

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