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Rectal bleeding

For a year I have had cyclical rectal bleeding. I have an endometrioma on my left ovary and adenomyosis. U had the mirena coul fitted a month ago and have been bleeding from my bottom for 11 days when opening my bowels. I was booked into clinical assessment on boxing day after going to a walk in clinic. They referred me for a sigmoidoscopy. I'm confused as somw goa have saud its endo related bleedi g and others say it isn't.

Please could you replt to my comment if you have had similar.

Rhanka ladies x

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It could be either possibly. I am booked for sigmoidoscopy in new year for a rectovaginal nodule, but don't have significant bowel bleeding. I had a coil fitted 3 and a half weeks ago. I have started bleeding heavily like a period from my vagina, which is an early side effect of Mirena. so if you have endo in your bowel it may be because of that endo or as a side effect of the Mirena on the endo, if you get my drift. Good luck with the sigmoid x

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