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1 day periods after endo excision and miscarriage

Hi there, I am after some advice regarding your periods after endo surgery. My history is below:

In August 2015 I had my first lap and was diagnosed with severe endometriosis. At this time, they also removed two large endometrioma from my left ovary. I was then told to take the contraceptive pill back to back until January 2016 without a break to stop my periods. In January 2016, I then had one dose if a 3 monthly injection of Decapetyl to temporarily shut my ovaries down in preparation for my big endo op. In April 2016 I underwent surgery to excise my endo from my bowel, ligaments, bladder and the surgeon also released my ovaries and womb from my bowel. Miraculously three months after after my surgery I fell pregnant for the first time (I am 38, childless and had been trying to concieve for two years before my diagnosis). I really thought it was my turn but Sadly at 7 weeks, at an early scan, I was told I had had a silent miscarriage. I was gutted and I opted for a medical management (ERPC) as I was still sore inside from my surgery and worried the cramps from the miscarriage would exasperate the pain. It was a very emotional time.

After my miscarriage and hormone treatment, my period returned in September 2016 after nearly a year of being forced to stop. But since then they have been much shorter. Before my operations and miscarriage, they were 3-4 days of heavy red blood. But for my periods in Sept and October they were only two days of red blood and November and December this reduced to only 1 day of red blood each month followed by some very infrequent brown spotting? I'm worried I could now have ashermans syndrome, but then think perhaps this is just normal now my endo has been removed?

My question is for those ladies who have had endo surgery or a medically managed miscarriage, how have your periods been 4-6 months afterwards? Are they much shorter? Should I be concerned? I'm desperate for another baby but worried there is something else now wrong with me xxx

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So sorry to hear of your tragic loss. x x x

I've always had quite short bleeding time with my periods but with lots of of spotting despite having endo. If you have had lots of endo removed then it would seem reasonable there is less shedding during menstrual cycle but I've no direct experience as I've only just had my lap and I've gone on the Mirena. Hopefully some other ladies may have more similar experiences to help reassure you. Xx


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