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Zoladex pre surgery

My bsge centre told me I needed 12 weeks of zoladex before my next surgery. After much faffing around and refusing to start me on it, they rang me yesterday and told me to get my GP to start me on it on the 6th of January (which would give me 10 weeks on it before my surgery date). They rang me again today and told me I now can't start it on the 6th as I have an appointment with them on the 12th (a follow up from my previous op 5 weeks ago) and I can't have it until after that. This would mean 9 weeks of treatment prior to the surgery, possibly even less. I'm currently on cerazette which I'm finding increasingly ineffective and I'm desperate to stop taking it.

Feeling totally stressed and confused now, and waiting for one of the specialist nurses to phone me back and explain what's going on.

Has anyone else had this treatment for such a short time prior to surgery?

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I started prostap before surgery (10-11 weeks before op) and it really helped me. Don't think a couple of weeks will change things significantly. Good luck xx

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