Hi all, was just wondering what others experience with the zoladex injection was? This is a last resort treatment for me before they consider more surgery (I already had a laparoscopy last year) as nothing is helping. I have had 3 of the 4 injections so far and the pain is only mildly better, I'm still bleeding and I feel nauseous most days and occasionally have to vomit. I'm finding it quite pointless as I feel worse now than I did before as now I have the nausea more than ever. I was told it would take the first two injections before it settled in my body but that I should start to see if it will help or not by the time my 3rd injection was due. I now have 3 months to wait for the 4th one, does it get better?? Struggling a lot, have been battling endometriosis for 6 years and it's seriously affecting my relationship and my job. I'm 24 and worrying.

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  • I'm sorry you're having a tough time. My time on zoladex was tough, I felt very weepy, very down and had hot flushes like nobody's business! The symptoms don't stick around once you've finished your course though, which is good! Chin up! 😊

  • The hot flushes haven't been too bad, only had a handful, but yes I'm very weepy and down. How did you feel after the course finished, was your pain better? X

  • I went straight for a lap when I finished my course, so can't say, I'm afraid! 

  • I've been feeling very emotional too, crying at a drop of a hat for no reason, my depression has been worse. I've only had one injection, I'm due to have my second injection next week. I can handle the hot flashes and cold chills but I'm having a very hard time with the bone pains they are becoming unbearable.


  • I was very nervous about zoladex after reading reviews ect I found the first month worst one with side effects hot sweats, bone pain, chest tightness ect and endo pain never went away I had a few slightly better days. Second injection I had fewer side effects the odd hot flush, emotional but I did have nearly 3 weeks pain free which I have not experienced for a very long time. Then the pain came back 3 days before my last injection, I had 3rd injection 6 days ago and pain is still here but not as bad I'm just praying in next few days it settles as I was put on zoladex as a trial and I'm really hoping it works. I hope it all settles down soon xx

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