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Brown discharge before period starts?

Why does this happen?

I am due on around today... two days ago had pink when I wiped, nothing all day yesterday until I went to bed and had pink again.

This morning it's brown discharge.

Why does this happen? It's been the same for months now.

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I'm not sure why this happens but it's used to happen to me too before my excision surgery.

I think it might be old blood but I'm not sure xxx


Hi Harrietkatie,

I had once a similar experience 7 years ago when a "chocolate cyste of 10 cm x 15 cm big" was growing next to my ovaries. Together with a few other disadvantages (sickness, severe cramps, throwing up, low iron levels, etc.), there was also this montly (brown) discharge (instead red discharge, like when you have your periods). Later when the cyste grew even bigger (up to 13x18cl), I had also had this brown discharge even before and after my periods.

As a chocolate cyste is always visual on ultrasounds, I would advise you to let your doctor prescripe you "an ultrasound" in a hospital or private "radiology center".

Surgeons will mostly only operate on chocolate cyst(s), from the moment the cysts hurts you (and your quality of life). Some people can even live with it for years without any pain or any operation.

First see with the ultrasound, whatever can be wrong.

After that you and your doctor can decide, if you want an operation to remove it.

I had the operation 6 years ago for that chocolate cyste: a laparoscopy was done and the fluid in the chocolate cyste was sucked out and shrank after 3 month to 1 cm.

Good luck in whatever you may decide,



Thank you. I have had an transvaginal ultrasound, and nothing was mentioned of a cyst. Just that everything wasn't moving fluidly! X


I believe it's to do with the fact we have hormone imbalances and that our progesterone tends to be low. Could be wrong but that's what iv understood from research x

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Hi again you all,

I once asked my doctor, why my blood was brown back then (7 years ago)?

He said the chocolate cyste was the cause: the cyste was filled up, like you said, with "very old blood" and and the bad ovarial passage in my body caused the monthly brown discharge. After my operation for chocolate cyste I never saw the brown fluid again.

The doctor also said, that a lot of other women might not have chocolate cyste or endometrosis, they dont need to worry and that their problem might just be a result of:

- LATE PERIODS (for whatever reason your entire uterine lining failed to make a timely monthly exit => dark brown discharge may folow => when nothing else seams to be wrong with your body, it's just your body “cleaning out” your vagina => in that case, your older blood will also look dark brown.

- higher STRESS levels or DEPRESSION levels can also cause abnormal cycles and unexpected dark brown discharge

However, I asked my second doctor "a living medical encyclopedia" in which following cases a brown discharge is not normal and should be followed up?

- Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs): gonorrhea, genital warts, Chlamydia..also causig for pain and burning sensations.

- Pregnancy cases

- Cervical dysplasia

- symptoms of cervical and/or uterine polyps

- menopause

- Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), due to the infection on the ovaries, uterus lining, fallopian tubes, cervix and the vagina

- Hysterectomy after an operation

- Cancer

I can only state that my chocolate cyste was removed 7 years ago, after an ULTraSOUND CHECK.

However, don't let a doctor tell you that your problems are nothing. Somethimes an extra CT SCAN (beside your yearly ULTRASOUND check) is a good way to look into your problems even further. That's how I found out I had "intestinal/colon endometriosis" 1 year ago, which was then not invisible on an ultrasound SCAN: after blood in my rectum however (which is not normal) I requested a CT scan & now I am FINALLY due in October 2017 for an colon endomtriosis operation.

Good luck in finding out your (for the moment invisible) problem.

However, ovarial cysts and endometriosis can always re-occur again, even after operations, so extra attention for endometriosis vicitms is always required.



I have that too and was told it is just old endometrium lining and old blood making it's way out during the cycle.


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