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Endo pain 6 months after lap


I had a lap done in June where they found mild endo and I had diathermy to remove it and for a good couple of months I felt so much better, not so tired and limited pelvic pain. The last few months however I have had pelvic pain every day! and I am getting back to the exhausted phase again.

I am on the combined pill which I have been on for years. On my discharge letter they suggested the Mirena coil if I still experienced pain but I am very reluctant to have that.

Any one else had this experience? I have a drs app next week but even if they do refer me to the endo clinic that takes ages.

When I had my lap they said the most endo was on the left however I get all my pain on the right. I questioned this but they said sometimes that happens....??

Any advice would be appreciated :)

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If you endo wasn't properly cut out it can easily grow back, you probably need to get re-referred but look into going to a specialist centre for excision as opposed to diathermy. I got taken off the combined pill, and i though the reason was that it made endo worse, but maybe i'm confused! I was on the mini pill cerazette, but recently had a mirena coil in to trial as the pill wasn't suiting me any more. I also have a lot of right sided pain but my recent lap 4 weeks ago only found endo on the left! Hope you get sorted and feel better soon.



I am resting in bed two days after my latest lap. I had my first lap last November and the pain started to come back significantly 5 months later. My gynae told me that it could not be endo causing the pain as it does not come back that quickly. We'll he removed endo from the same areas as before and a couple of new areas. I was on the pill since May to try and control the pain but it didn't work.

You should definitely explore the fact that your endo could have come back and how you can treat that.

Good luck x


Thanks for your replies guys! much appreciate. Thought as I was going mad as how could it have come back so soon but there's every possibility. got a Dr's app next week and will asked to be referred back to th endo centre. Just takes ages to get the referral ! Hope you ate recovering well!


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