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Having excision op in 9 days. Advice for overnight stays

Hi, I am scheduled to have my excision operation on 12/09. The consultant said I may need to stay 3 nights.

I am wondering what is like to stay for that long in the hospital? Could you get to the shower by yourself or do you need a nurse to help? Could you walk about the corridor of the hospital? What is one to wear during the day? Normal clothes or PJs?

I am taking lots of facial products with me since there is nothing else to do. Do you wear make up? I think Just because you feel s**t does no mean you should look s**t.

Do you take your own hairdryer? Do you have to eat hospital food or could someone bring you different food?

Many thanks. All the best for you all.

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Hi Stella, I had mine in June and stayed for 3 nights. I had a cubicle so had my own shower and toilet. To be honest the nurses would have helped with showering but family there most of the time. I couldn't really shower till 2 days post as I had a catheter and fluids. I wore PJs but could walk around the hospital. You can eat the hospital food or get food brought in but it can't be warmed up. Again I suffered with vomiting post so didn't really eat for a day or so. There was a hairdryer in the shower. You can wear make up if you feel upto it.

Hope it goes well! X


Thank you very much for your reply. I am trying to block out any unpleasantries. Just try to imagine it is a short city break in London. Have to travel for treatment so poor husband has to stay in a hotel near by.

How is your recovery? The consultant said I should be able to go back to full time work after three weeks. What is your experience?

Hope you are recovering well


I went back after 4 weeks - I could have gone back at 3 but hadn't really done much as that point and my job requires me to be on my feet for most of the day. Recovery has been fine but still feel tired. If you get a room there's a sofa and my husband usually stayed till about 11-12pm leaving.


Thanks for letting me know. I took 4 weeks off just to be on the safe side. Sort of looking forward to the op so it is just done and over.


Thank you for the question Stellauk and thank you for the reply Minnie...I'm due to have excision surgery too in 10 days and was really shocked when I was told I have to at least stay for one night....the nurse said if I'm mobile I can go home after one night....I'm clinging on to that.....is that not likely. Is excision really very different to a general lap where they burn some endo off?? Does the pain on awakening different. I'm getting really scared actually now xx


I had an overnight stay the first time, but it is only for diagnostic lap plus minor op. It is not very painful at all. The anaesthetist did not even give me morphine. Be quite honest my throat hurts more, and she had an accident with IV to my hand. So my hand/ arm was swollen for two weeks afterwards. I have got the same anaesthetist this time, hope she will do better!

This coming op is a major one with three surgeons involved. I think they can deliver and find there is little point worry about it.

If your surgeon is qualified and experienced, you should be fine.

All the best

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I agree with Stella - this is was my 2nd surgery and the first time round u was only in for one night as it was just a diagnostic lap! I only needed paracetamol and ibuprofen post op so pain was ok.

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