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First period after lap!

I started bleeding yesterday and have severe period pain. This is my first one since they operated and found endo. Is it supposed to be this painful?! I went to the doctors and she gave me some really strong pain killers 🙁 I'm reluctant to take them as I'm worried they will make me sleepy. Apart from heat and pain killers, do you have any other tips that could help me? Was your period like this? Thanks in advance! xx

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First period after the operation is normally pretty painful. It gets better around months three post operation. I just took strong painkillers the day before the period started and for a few days.

Hope this helps



Reading through some (many many) other threads it appears that first period post op seems to be especially crappy. However many have also said it's after that they really started to see some improvement in there general symptoms.

If you know when you are due (or it's scheduled due to the Pill etc) there are some painkillers that are best taken a couple of days leading up to it (e.g. NSAID's) and there are some pills that are specifically targeting which can help with pain and reduce how heavy your period is etc (but with varying degrees of success for different people ). Definitely worth speaking to your doctor, it might take a bit of playing around with different pain killers etc to find the one that works for you post op. :)

Hope you start to feel better soon!



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