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Mirena coil - positive experiences?

I've been here a little while and mostly have seen posts from people having lots of problems with them. I'm due to have one at the same time as my first lap and cystoscopy in a few weeks and getting nervous. I've not had kids and suffer dyspareunia. Does anyone have positive experiences of it helping with Endo and pain and not hurting / bleeding once installed?

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I do. I had the coil fitted and had it for three years and it was a huge help with the pain and I never had any trouble with it (after the first few days after having it fitted) I know some woman dont get on with it but I think its just the same as everything else some people it works and others sadly it dosnt. I would say give it a try as they are fitting it when you are under anyway.


Thanks Jen I've seen so many bad stories I was having second thoughts. Do you have mild or sever endo?


I have sever hun stage 4. Like I said I know others have had a bad time of it but I found it a life saver!! I think sometimes people only post when they have a negative effect from something and dont bother when something works? I hope you find the coil helpful xx

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Well for posterity and future searchers, I shared my concern about the mirena coil with surgeon. He said much of the info is largely out of date that circulates. The latest design is about 60-40 success rate and fine for childless women. On his assurance that I could have it out any time I wanted to I agreed. It was fitted Tuesday and so far i have absolutely no pain from it at all, just very light spotting which I get often anyway. Worth a shot in cases you are in the lucky 60% I figured, though I read deep endo is more resistant to hormone treatment. I guess you will always hear more bad than good anecdotes. I hadn't thought to post saying no problem with mirena, but I have posted about what is worrying or painful for me so there is a natural negative skew in anecdotal accounts.


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