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Nose Dive!!!

I have a history of endometriosis and after 4 previous surgeries to remove endo, last year I had a TAH BSO, since then I've been on HRT (Everol 50 patches) along with Rivaroxaban as my hysterectomy caused me to have Pulmonary Embolisms. Anyway, just being on the oestrogen only HRT patches has caused my libido to take a nosedive to almost non existence!, and being only 41, and 2 months newly married this isn't a situation I want to be in. I guess I should mention that I have recently again had more surgery to remove a complex heterogenerous mass from my vaginal vault which had been causing me pain and discomfort during sex and pretty much all the time from only a few months after my hysterectomy. I was told I wasn't allowed to go back onto my HRT for 6 weeks after my op, one because I had to wait for the results of my biopsy and two because of the heightened risk of repeat PE's, I'm on week 5 nearly and going through the throws of menopause but I'm definitely on the road to recovery. I visited my doctor last night to get a repeat on my patches, (which I can start back on next week YAY!!) and I asked her if there was anything she could prescribe me to help with my zero sex drive and she suggested a low dose anti depressant? Ive been told to give the patches two weeks to kick in and if the 'urge' hasn't really returned, to go back and try these. Has anyone else had experience of this, or are there any other suggestions of things ladies are on? Sorry for the long post.. Thanks Ladies!!

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