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Just had lap

I was diagnosed with endometriosis last year, since my first op, I was in pain 24/7.

Fast forward going to the Endometriosis Clinic in August, where I had to have an MRI which showed up clear. I then had a follow up appointment where I had to literally fight my case to get this constant pain looked at and get to the bottom of it.

I won and had my pre op on 1/11/16 and my lap on 8/11/16. Before my lap, the surgeon came round, he wasn't the endo specialist. He told me he worked within the team but was a general Gynae. We had a chat and I had to reel off everything that had happened to me in the last year. I explained this was op no 4 for me, as I had a gastroscopy, colonoscopy and a cystoscopy plus lap in under a year. He said that I could be a candidate for a hysterectomy and I may have adenomyosis!

So I had the lap, I think I saw the surgeon just had I was coming out of GA. All u remember is endometriosis, burned, something about cysts and he was sorry! Not sure why though. Before I was discharged I was given a shot of zoladex and I'm on a course for 3mths.

My discharged notes say endometriosis which looks like it's either underline or crossed out. My consultant's name with GOPD (what does that mean?). I want to find out what happened so how do I find out?? I'm also completely constipated and my IC as flared up something chronic!

To top off my week, my mandatory reconsideration had been refused and I now need to lodge an appeal. I feel like crying, it's my birthday next week, I'm so upset right now.

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