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Laproscopy questions

My first lap is on the 20th and I'm so scared :(

I was initially excited now I'm just so scared, I hate hospitals and will do anything to avoid staying in there.

I mainly wanted to know if there is somewhere for my fiancé to wait for me whilst I'm in the op and afterwards? Like I'm confused because I'll leave my overnight bag with him but don't know what to do about my phone, I can't take it in I guess but i will need it incase I get kept in. If he is sat in the waiting room,if there is one, if I get kept in will they collect my stuff from him? Some of the stuff I'm taking is stuff I'll need after the op like food clothes and tea so how will I get these? What did you guys do with your stuff?

Also, you know the time you're given in you're letter when it says you're admitted, is that the time they want you there or the time of the operation? Mine says 11:30am so when do you think I'll be operated on?

I'm just sat convinced I will have a bad reaction and be sick everywhere or be ill and get kept in. I'd hate it. Thanks ladies xxxx

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gives sound advice on general stays in hospital. what to bring what to leave at home.

write down any questions you have and ask them at the pre-op appointment with a staff nurse who will run through everything with you.

Its best if someone drops you off and goes home to wait a call from you after the op, to either come pick you up or bring a bag of extras for a longer stay.

Hanging round the hospital is a waste of time and very high parking charges. there's no point in it and it sure won't be in the least bit enjoyable waiting hours and hours when they don't have to be there. There is nothing they can be doing of any use in hospital, so send them home to hoover the house or do the laundry or ironing or any of the things you won't be able to do for a while. Even go to work. Your BF could drop you off in the morning, work the afternoon and come back in the evening to collect you.

Saves half a day of leave for some other time.

If you are admitted at 11.30, chances are your op will be sometime after lunch, there is a morning schedule and and afternoon one. Looks as if you are an afternoon one, but what time that will be could depend on the length of the previous ops scheduled before yours. yours might be right away after lunch or perhaps mean waiting till after 4pm before it even gets started. they will normally give you some idea of where your name is in the schedule for the day. The later it is the more likely you will be kept in overnight with it being your 1st op. It's no great hardship to spend 1 night in hospital. just gives you time to sleep off the general anaesthetic a bit more before heading home.


hi there, you have no need to worry. I had my first lap in March and the staff were absolutely lovely and reassuring and none of your above worries are needed. If you tell the nurses how anxious you feel they will keep coming over to make sure you are ok and distract you etc. Certainly in Oxford where I had my op all the ladies waited together before being taken in to the ward and we were all given a private bed space to wait in before we went in. Your fiancee can stay with you the whole time (except of course for the operation itself) as he could wait in your bed space area with you. One of the ladies in the ward had her husband with her the whole time. My dad collected me so I just called him when I got bored of waiting to go home; I bounced back so quickly from the op but the discharge nurse was busy so I had to wait a bit! You can keep your phone in your overnight bag in the bed space so it's all there when you return from theatre. The order you go in is chosen in advance but in my case they changed the order that morning (and I went in second) so I would suggest you talk to someone about how you are feeling about it all and maybe they'd put you in first so you don't have so long to wait? I kind of think 'if you don't ask you don't get' .. so no harm in asking is there? You might also like to consider asking the anaesthetist for an anti sickness medication. You take it before the op and it worked a treat for me. Also being queezy in hospitals, and I faint at the sight of blood etc.. but I can honestly say I was fine. So many of our worries are needless fears in our head and if you face them head on with your fiancee by your side you will be fine. From what I can gather there are two sessions of operations - morning and afternoon so if you're called in at 11.30 I'm guessing you are in the afternoon shift. There is therefore slightly more chance you'll stay in overnight but only because after your operation they have to give it about 4 hours before they discharge you to check that you can go to the toilet and walk ok. I think the last time they can discharge you is about 8pm so if your op is before 4 you have a good chance of going home as long as you are well enough. The last thing to say is that you are so heavily medicated after the op with painkillers you feel fine so I reckon the chances of you being sick are really low. If you're kept in it's more likely to be something beyond your control that comes up in your op such as a reaction to the anaesthetic etc. Hope that helps a bit. And all the best! Ps don't forget to take lots of peppermint tea after the op as it helps get rid of the gas they fill your tummy with during the op. xx


Hello :) I agree with everything that is said above but just wanted to add that at the Hospital I was treated, relatives/ friends weren't allowed on the ward and therefore just had to drop you off and pick you up afterwards. My mum dropped me off and brought her laptop and sat in the cafe and did some work and online shopping (!) when I had my lap as the journey was an hour each way. Although this was a bit scary, it did mean that the nurses were really focused and the whole ward ran very smoothly. I have gone in twice now under general and have received exceptional care from all staff involved, always friendly and helpful and aware that it is a scary environment. I remember before my first op I was worried about being sick or pooing myself on the operating table (I don't know why at all) but the thing to remember if anything does happen is that you are there because you're poorly, you will more than likely be so out on pain killers you won't care, the nurses are used to it and are there to help and it's ok in that situation, it's almost the only socially acceptable situation to do that in haha. I'm pleased to report that nothing like that happened and I've never seen it happen either.

Good luck, you will be absolute fine :) get loads of veggies in your fridge before your op as all the pain killers and anesthetic can make you quite constipated. Try and stay away from stodgy food for a couple of days. I always make sure I have some posh ice cream at home too for when I get back, purely medicinal of course :p xxxx


I'm due my first lap on Wednesday, I asked all sorts of questions at my pre op so I kind of know what to expect, definitely put my mind at rest. I know each hospital is different so you could write these questions down and ask at your pre op.

I have to be at hospital for 12pm, once I ring the bell to be let onto the ward, I will be on my own from that point, apparently I will then be sat in a room with 4 chairs and 4 lockers, I know from my pre op that there is due to be 3 women that day and I'm last, due to go to theatre about 4 - 4.30 and they did say there was an increased risk of me staying in because its being done quite late. Once I'm ready to go home the nurse will ring my husband to cone and pick me up as they don't allow anyone else on the ward due to privacy for the other women.


Hi I had my first laparoscopy 3 months ago . My boyfriend had to wait downstairs so he sat in the hospital cafe . I was given a locker to store my overnight bag in and when I came around from the op my bag was already next to my bed in recovery. The nurse took my boyfriends number and called him when I woke up.

The time on my letter was 8:30 but I wasn't taken down until about 10:30/11:00. I met the consultant first and they just talked about what would happen but there may be some waiting around.

I would recommend packing a loose t shirt that is a few sizes to big as you will be swollen and some comfortable trousers .

When you come around you will probably be groggy and tired and feel a bit sick but the nurses ensure your okay before you go home. I was allowed to leave on the day. Take it easy after the op.

Good luck xxx


Hi I had my first lap in Scarborough last june I didn't have a locker or anything but a nurse took my overnight bag and labelled it for me but wasn't expecting to stay in. My lap was supposed to be 830 but was almost 11 when I went in and my bf stayed with me until then. He came back at 1500 for visiting hrs and told him I had to stay over so he left me with his phobe as mine was back at home and I contacted him on that I was released around 10 am but would have been earlier but had to wait for doctors to give me zoladex injections.


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