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Hi, has anyone experienced constant brown discharge ? I had polyps removed in Aug 16 and also was diagnosed with Endo, they said it was too extensive to remove so I have been referred to another hospital, however I keep getting this brown discharge every day. Sometimes its actual blood streaks, but it wont go away. All this started when I had the surgery..I get pelvic sharp pains too. Im not on any contraceptive medication.

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I used to get a brown discharge for about nine days before my actual period started. Had it for over 20 years! I've just had a total hysterectomy for severe endo plus massive endometriomas on both ovaries. Had the horrible sharp pains too. Had polyps removed a few years ago as well. Feeling relieved everything is gone now and feeling human for the first time in years. Good luck. Hope you can find the right surgeon and get it sorted.


Thank you.I'm hoping the endo can be removed, Its all over my bowel and ovaries, but they said that wouldnt cause bleeding..


"Shop around" for your surgeon. I admire the first one I saw because he took one look at my MRI and said it was too hard for him and he put me into the best guy in my region. I've spoken to many women in the past few months and every single one of them raved about how good he was ... didn't hear one bad comment. And he was brilliant. He does all the ovarian cancer surgeries as well. It's your body, your health. Make sure you are comfortable with what they are doing to you ... and how.

I had it EVERYWHERE ... including inside my cervix, my bladder, bowel, kidneys.... nothing was spared. It took him three hours to "unglue" me before he could even start. Still amazed he did it via keyhole surgery... had three large endometriomas 10cm+ Ovaries were touching, kidney engulfed in one of the cysts, urethra had to be dissected out... big mess.

The dark bleeding I've always had ... and the endo had been present for 25 years that I know of.

Hugs to you. Hope you find answers.


You have my sympathy and hugs.

I have had the dark brown bleeding previously but only after my periods taking up to a week to Peter off. The periods were quite irregular ocassionally every four, five or six weeks, however they pleased!

Then last year April I was prescribed Norithisterone for two weeks to stop my period, it didn't work.

However, since then I bleed every two weeks (sometimes every third week when I as it turns out am prematurely hoping it's going back my previous cycle!). No such luck. But in between though there is no respite from this nasty dark brown blood sometimes streaks of fresh blood and other times it's dark clots.

I'm constantly having to wear pads (sometimes) I've been lulled into a false that I'm ok and don't need the additional sanitary protection and have ended up waking to terribly soiled clothing and bedding due this on going issue.

Additionally I have itching and thrush like symptoms which have been going on from around the same time. I'm on a capsule of Fluconazole a week for six months now consecutively. Initially had the odd course of canesten and then that with the pessary, then fluconazole cream for internal use; non of which has sorted it. I'm at the last eight weeks of the six month course of the weekly fluconazole cap. Really don't feel it has helped as all my symptoms are external and still there.

I am Diabetic, Grade 4 Endo, first scheduled lap was due Oct 28 '16 but got cancelled as end of August it's suspected I had a stoke on my left side and got put on regular daily dose of Aspirin. I'm awaiting neck and head scan, been prepared if it wasn't a stroke then it may have been a 'complex' migraine. The Surgical team didn't want to take the risk because of my history of previous myomectomies and despite having had major surgeries to remove 28 week fibroid: a 20 week uterine fibroid is in situ. I have been diagnosed with Adyemyosis as well as Fibromyalgia and have IBS (previous surgeries to separate ovaries from the bowel). I have a team monitoring me at a specialist Endo centre.

Despite that level of care every day is a struggle. Pain management is Paracetamol and Naproxen. Psssst. Anaemia is an issue treated with Iron tabs as well injections for B12 every three months.

Why oh why is there no cure and where is the research up to with this dreadful disease? I'm talking about Endo of course.

Sorry I've no answers. But really can feel your frustration.


Oh gosh.. The problems with endo are never ending.... I agree that more research needs to be done about endo, its apparently common but many doctors still seem unaware of it. Im so fed up of the constant bleeding, it started after i had my polyps removed...


I was told years ago brown blood is old blood so I guess it's just blood that is caught somewhere in your system (for want of a better word!) instead of a more free flowing period blood.


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