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Help!! ☹️️


Been to see bowel surgeon today and to cut a long story short back to square one!

Basically my gynaecologist said that when he did my laparoscopy my bowel had been severely damaged with endometriosis, so I would probably need major surgery to rectify this. I started suffering with incontinence and waited to be seen by bowel specialist!

She said she doesn't think it's the endometriosis that's done anything and it's something I'm probably eating????

Even though been told of damage and explained this to her, she wants to do a colonoscopy??

How can they see the damage on the outside when there putting a camera on the inside??

I explained to gp that where I had pain before it's never gone away even with cysts removed was recommended hysterectomy..??

Please I really need some help here 🙁

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In order to get it repaired you would need a colonoscopy anyway, I think it might be a good idea b/c it might help the incontince.

Sometimes endo goes along with other diseases too and if your bowel is already damaged from endo you'll have issues digesting too.

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You should ask your GP for a referral to a specialist BSGE accredited endo centre. If your gynae saw endo on your bowels then this should be excised by a specialist. I have endo on my bowel and my uterus and ovaries are stuck to it. This showed up on ultrasound first and was then seen in a diagnostic lap. I'm having a second op at a BSGE centre in Jan to remove it. There will be a colerectal surgeon operating with my endo specialist. In the BSGE centres they work with bowel surgeons who are experienced in treating endo. A lot of surgeons aren't familiar with it so may give you wrong advice. Good luck. X


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