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Lap results


I had endometriosis confirmed yesterday, thy removed what she could, they said some was on my bowl which attached to my pelvis they cut it but none removed as it could damage the bowel she also said there was a small growth on my ovarie which was removed and sent for a biopsy which is now starting to worry me she said she was pretty sure that it was nothing nasty anybody with any advice or a similar situation thanks in advance

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Hey, I had a cyst on my ovary which was removed and taken for testing. Don’t worry, they just have to check it but most of the time it’s benign. If they thought it was serious, they would most likely tell you straight away xxx

Thankyou for that it’s when they say growth it scares u she seemed confident enough it wasn’t anything nasty do u think they would know ??

They would probably have an idea and you would normally get the results very quickly if it was nasty. I had my lap 3 months and haven’t heard anything back so guessing it was just a benign cyst xx

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Northernjsoul in reply to Hidden

Hello there, are you able to tell me some more information about this? Is it common practice to be referred to this after NHS treatment? I’m 23 and had bad endo all over me but especially on my bowel which was stuck to my uterus lining, and would like to know if this is something I should follow up! Thank you.

Joolzrich in reply to Hidden

Hi thankyou for that Iam back in eight weeks so Iam not to sure 😐

Hawko1989 in reply to Hidden

Hiya I have endo in the bowel but not been referred to a centre... They basically said the risk outweighed the benefits re. Bowel surgery and have left the ball in my court to get re referred if symptoms get worse.

Hawko1989 in reply to Hawko1989

Just read those guidelines, will get onto the gp. How slack of them!

Hello! I hope you are recovering well. I had surgery a few weeks ago and had very similar diagnosis regarding the Endo on the bowel. If it’s any consolation, since they sepearted my bowel from my uterus lining my terrible pain has literally gone completely! I am also having a much better time in terms of emptying my Bowles.

In terms of the growth they found, i wouldn’t worry yourself too much, as this type of thing is very common when you have endo and it quite possibly might be nothing to worry about! It’s good that they are checking at least.

I ordered lots of books from amazon and it really helped me so I would suggest doing that. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to message me I will be happy to answer any questions! This is a rough time for you but they’ve found something and removed it - you should look forward to feeling better fairly soon! Xxxx

thankyou for replying, I didn’t realise growths were common with Endo the consultant spoke to me after I was coming round and it’s all a bit of a blur, think I will take your advice and get some books, I’ve always thought I had it but knowning feels very different now, Iam back at hospital in a eight weeks, she did to consider some sort of hormone but I don’t know were to start with that as pill didn’t suit me 😐 thanks again

No problem. Yeah I didn't realise about growths either, but after reading up a lot it is common.

I wish they wouldn't speak to you straight after surgery as it is all so confusing!

The pill also didn't suit me and I had tried 6 variations. I now have the Mirena coil so that might be something to consider as I only have It purely to combat minor endo which is happening. I also have started a couple days ago the Mini pill (Zelletta I believe?) which is pure prosterogen to help with bleeding so that might be something to think about.

I don't know if it would be any help but I actually have written a detailed blog about my experiences which may benefit you as it sounds like our symptoms are quite similar! It's

I hope you feel better soon and that you find something that suits you in regards to contraceptive! xx

Hiya I will definitely have a look at at your blog, Iam still not any further forward with treatment, in fact my consultant was no use at all at my follow up appointment she’s discharged me as Iam coping with pain and if anything changes see my gp to be referred back I’ve been offered bowel surgery but I’ve refused at the minute 😐

Hello, please do! If it will help in any way then that's what I've wrote it for. Oh god sounds like you are going through a really tough time, I understand how frustrating it must be. Are you able to get your consultant changed? It doesn't sound like she is being very helpful. If you go back to your GP and say you are struggling with symptoms and don't feel like you are getting the support you need then you should be able to change consultant.

Sometimes, I found it better to exaggerate slightly with symptoms - not lie - just lay it on a little harder in order to get my point of view across.

Bowel surgery is a very big step, you poor thing. I can see why you refused it. Let me know how you get - better I hope!

I too had some endo on my bowel they had to leave alone. I had complete hysterectomy 3 weeks ago. I’m pretty sure the endo on my bowel is what’s causing my vertigo? Do u experience vertigo at all? My dr said with no added hormones the left over endo cells will die in about 3 months. I’m in the US.

Escarole in reply to Tinafroggy

Hi, how old are you? Are you going through menopause now? I'm 46 and had my uterus removed, but still have my ovaries because they said I was too young for menopause. How do you deal with the symptoms? I got better for 2 years after the surgery but back with pain. I don't have vertigo but I do get dizzy when I have the pain..

Tinafroggy in reply to Escarole

Hi there,

I’m 38 and I’m in the US my dr suggested I get everything removed. And I am so glad I did the endo had spread to both ovaries and some on my bowel. I had read other posts that made me realize the vertigo must be from the endo on the bowel. That’s very frustrating but I am so hopeful that it will die off in a couple months and the vertigo will be gone. I had everything removed 3 weeks ago and so far it’s not bad I have felt a little hot in bed at night but it doesn’t last. I was planning on using a estrogen patch after surgery but the endo was too bad that my dr said it’s best to not have any hormones if I can handle it for at least 3 months to let the cells die off! If I continue to do well then I won’t prob go on anything! I am looking for more people that are also dealing with the vertigo or can confirm that it got better after surgery. Hang in there!

Joolzrich in reply to Tinafroggy

hi That’s interesting I have had vertigo symptoms but thought nothing of it I wonder if it is all connected. Thanks for your reply x

Tinafroggy in reply to Joolzrich

Yes exactly! I’m sure it is all connected! It sucks I have had constant vertigo for 7 months now. And been thur every test and all and I knew it was hormonal related as it would get so much worse with every cycle and ovulation! So I’m hopeful that now it’s all out the cells on bowel will die off and I will be better! Hope you find relief too!

Escarole in reply to Tinafroggy

It might be, there are lots of symptoms that are hormonal related but we just don't make the connection. Good for you if you are able to make it through menopause without hormonal treatment. Maybe this nightmare can finally be over for you.. Please keep us posted on your evolution.

Hello joolzrich, it’s all a lot of information to take in so feel for you. I hope they get back to you soon with the biopsy results, I know it’s hard not to worry but hopefully shouldn’t be long. I am in a similar situation with my pelvis stuck to my bowel and endo cells on my bowel only they weren’t able to separate them so it sounds good they could for you. Due to this they have referred me to a bowel surgeon have they mentioned anything like this for you? Hope this helps in some way no that your not alone 😘 xxx

No not yet I hate the fact they speak to I when you are still a bit out of it, I remember she said she will see me in clinic in 8 weeks, she also said I really need to consider some sort of hormonal treatment, it’s a lot to get your head around and u do feel alone thanks for your reply xxxx

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