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Help please!!

Absolutely fuming.

Had an ultrasound scan yesterday in which the sonographer asked for another 2 sonographer's opinions and had me move to another room so she could use another machine to be extra sure she was seeing what she thought.

The scan showed I had an anteverted uterus, an endometrial 5cm cyst attached to my right ovary & a lot of free fluid also on the right side. The sonographer wrote on her report that she suspected I had endometriosis.

So the gynaecologist came to see me after to discuss the results. He bought along an information sheet on endometriosis and told me that he's 80% sure I have the condition and would need a laparoscopy to confirm this.

He also came back later on in the evening to give me information on contraceptive options to help with the hormones and symptoms of endometriosis.

However, I woke up this morning and a new gynaecologist came on the doctors rounds to see me. He seems to think that because I am having reoccurring UTI's that it is a bowel/bladder issue. He said he is 90% sure it's not endometriosis and would like to refer me to gastroenterologists. He told me to forget what I had been told yesterday and the cyst that had been found was an coincidental finding.

I am absolutely furious and shocked at the lack of professionalism and communication these doctors had. I am now worried about which doctor is going to write up the discharge notes and what they will say. Also that when I go home to my gynae consultant and ask for a laparoscopy she's not going to believe and see no reason to have one.

Any advice please?

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hi there so sorry to hear you are being so messed about! Can totally understand your frustration, anger, confusion and fear.

If I were you contact the PALS service at the hospital and tell them everything. They will look into it for you, speak to both drs and get back to you. It may even make the 2 drs talk to each other and hopefully will reach a answer.

I had a situation when I had the dye test done and the lady who performed it told me there and then that my only option would be IVF. But when saw the gynaecologist the report she had, which had been written by another person, said everything was fine. I wrote to the department and queried this, voicing my concerns and upset at the 2 oposing diagnosis. To cut a long story short, the 2 people spoke and agreed tubes were blocked (which also got confirmed when I had a Laparoscopy later). This only came about because I questioned it and asked for answers.

I didn't use PALS then as didn't know about it then. But when I have had to use PALS for another matter they said if ever have a complaint or issue with a dr or department to not contact the department/person yourself but to use PALS. They were very good and got me some answers too.

I wish you all the best and hope you get some answers soon x

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I have been discharged this evening so I wish I would of known about the PALS service! Thank you for your great advice!


You can still get help from them even after discharge to try to get the right outcome for your next step. The details should be on your hospitals website.

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I was gonna say just what starry said, that you can still contact PALS even if now discharged. Best of luck x x


Was this through a BSGE centre? If not, it might be worth askng your gp for a referral for a second opinion using the notes from these two conflicting consultants.

It could still be endo of the bladder/bowel and they say a MRI can sometimes show it in the bowel.

So frustrating!!

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No it was at Lister Hospital in Stevenage. It's annoying as the second doctor wrote my discharge papers and mentions nothing about the first doctors opinions!


That's ridiculous...you need to get the hospital service to fight your corner


I have emailed the PALS people and they are going to give me access to my medical records, I just hope the first doctor wrote something down & they are also making a complaint on my behalf.

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