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Newbie, just after some advice :)

Hiya, so a little bit about me. I'm 28, diagnosed with pcos at age 14.

Age 23 I had ovarian drilling.

Age 28 lletz treatment due to severe dyskarysis.

Current contraception, implanting/implant.

So for the past 3 months, around 5 days after my period finished I have been getting a brown spotting/discharge.

Mid cycle I have been getting horrendous period pains. Really bad as we speak, I just want to cry!

My cervix looks normal, swabs taken normal, and recent ultrasound scan normal.

I am going back to the doctors tomorrow morning. After reading up online it sounds like endometriosis, does it sound like it? If so what should I expect my gp to do now?

Thanks for reading!


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it does sound like it could be endo. You need referring to a gyaenacologist and sending for a laparoscopy to 100% confim that is what's causing your pain. I really do feel for you, I have very painful ovulation and it's horrible! Co-codamol is the only pain killer I have found that makes any difference :(

really hope your gp is understanding and helps you get this sorted xxx


Thanks nenny for your reply. Been to gp this morning, pain actually worse today. I literally feel like someone has stabbed my up my hooha!

I have been referred to gynaecologist so I just now have to wait for the appointment to come through x


oh good, glad gp has liatened! Have you been preacribed any pain relief until then? I do hope so! If not you should be able to get co-codamol from pharmasist that is of reasonable strength. Be careful though, some people don't tolerate it very well x


I have naproxen at the moment which I'm taking during the day. I have some cocodamol at home but makes me feel really sicky so I take that at night time x


ah cool, hope they start to make some difference for you xxx


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