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Worried about Endometriosis or PCOS

I'm so confused...

I started getting pelvic pain on my right side about 8 weeks ago and went to see my GP. She referred me for an abdominal and pelvic scan which came back with multiple small cysts on both ovaries and one larger cyst 2x2cm. The report made reference to the possibility of endometriosis. The doctor referred me for a blood test to check my hormone levels which came back in normal range (though the androgen level wasn't done for some reason and she hasn't followed this up)

I have been for a follow up scan today and though I have to wait for the full report she told me that the larger cyst on my right ovary has 'resolved'

I am really worried and without any diagnosis don't know where I stand. My mum has endometriosis and went in for an emergency appendectomy when an endometrioma ruptured. Given the genetic link I am concerned this may be the issue but from what I have read I didn't think endometrioma cysts 'resolve' naturally? And I am still getting the pain on that side - it is present all month not just around my period. I do get very bad cramps and quite heavy bleeding for the first day of my period but it is regular (28 - 30 day cycle). The pain the rest of the time varies from dull throbbing to stabbing and I get quite bad bloating

The other possibility that my doc has mentioned given the number of small cysts is PCOS but my hormone levels were normal (estrogen, fsh and lh), and I do not struggle with weight issues, hair growth or abnormal periods which I believe to be the other symptoms.

We were planning to start trying for a baby early next year (I'm 32 no kids) so this has really thrown me and I am so worried it will affect my fertility.

I have been referred to a gynaecologist but the waiting is stressing me out. Just looking for a little support from any one in a similar position or who is further along in this process than I am and can make me feel a bit less helpless about the whole thing

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Welcome to the fourm:)

Chocolate cysts (endometrioma) which are probably what she found don't resolve, what they actually do is rupture which can really hurt.

This disease is a waiting game unfortunately but well you wait have you considered asking your dr about the mini pill?


Thanks for your reply. We are looking to try for a baby in next few months so don't want to go on any kind of hormonal treatment.

The pain started before the cyst was detected and has continued since she said it was "resolved" after the second scan. I haven't had any increased pain that would lead me to think it had ruptured in between the two scans. It has just varied between a dull throbbing and a mild stabbing pain on movement. For first few weeks I thought it was a pulled lower abdominal muscle until I started to get the bloating aswell

I'm hoping that it was a simple cyst but I am concerned about the fact that there were numerous smaller cysts that may interfere with fertility or indicate that I am not ovulating properly

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