Can't even sit to play a board game!

So upset and tired of this illness, today my mum invite my niece and nephews round for Sunday lunch i haven't seen them for a while and it was lovely family time. I'm just so upset though I got monopoly out to play and I'm now paying the price, my back, my stomach my legs are in agony I just feel generally so tired and worn out. Just from sitting on the floor with lots of cushions il add lol. I was moving all the time trying to get comfy can't really get into the game when everyone is on the floor and you sit on the sofa. I can't believe this is what my life is at the minute 22 years old and I can't play a bored game with my family without being in absolute agony and paying the price my painkillers aren't touching the pain. I'm so fed up and disheartened :(

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  • I am in the exact same boat! Had to go to my nieces and nephews last night and where I'd normally be drawing and playing with them all I wanted to do was cry my pains were so bad, couldn't sit or stand and even laying hurts at the moment. Have you found anything to ease the pain? For me aside from a hot water bottle nothing touches it at all. (I'm also 22!) x

  • Sorry to hear your struggling too, I love my hot water bottle feels like a saviour at times. I also find tiger balm rub helps a lot feels like a hot water bottle on your skin but you can but it wherever the pain is. It's lasts a long time and smells nice too. I hope you improve soon xx

  • I know what you mean, I feel worse than an old woman at times, had to cancel a family meal last night for the 1000th time because I was in too much agony, it's so frustrating you'd never realise what comes with having this disease. Hope things improve for you soon x

  • Hi so sorry to hear your struggling it's so awful isn't it. Also unfortunately doctors don't tell you about all of these effects to our life. It's so much more diblatating then anyone realises. I hope you get better soon x

  • It is. I think so many of them don't even realise and really understand what it's like on a day to day basis when you're having a bad time. And you xx

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