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No one understands!!!

Hello Ladies

I'm new here, just wanted to ask u if and how u deal with people that don't even know what endometriosis is?

I feel like I'm falling on deaf ears when trying to explain the pain we go through

I hate that even after you explain they still think your being dramatic , to the extent I'm my previous work place I was laying on the managers floor curled up in pain and all she said was .... it will pass. 😡

I'm tired allllll the time and I get called lazy, I literally can't do anything when on my period ,but I just get told to get on with it.

I try to explain it but just get looked at as if I'm being dramatic. It drives me insane.

I honestly don't know what else to say to make anyone understand even a little bit xxx

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I don't bother anymore. I don't even tell them what I have I just say I have tissue growing where it shouldn't and it causes me a lot of pain.

People don't need to know anything else especially if they don't understand! Xx


That's another thing I don't even know how to explain it

If I'm honest I'm not that cluded up on it , I just rang the dr's and the reception said "what's wrong" and I told her I have endo and she replied "what's that" I just said something that's causing me ALot of pain. Seeing dr later today

Thanks for your reply xxx



It appears as if your stuck with me and my many words again

I had unbelievable things said to me from

" nobody else has that problem"


" your just not sitting on the toilet the right way"

Last was from loved but stupid mom in law

I was so angry that anyone could think that I did not know how to use a damn toilet


How many ways are there ???

What's your special technique?

" I think I was potty trained the same way as you

" do you know of some secret way or devise that could make me not have pain when I pee!"

" please share "

That is what I should have said.

But I was young and naive and wanting to please people that did not deserve pleasing.

See the thing is those people will forget they said those things five min later

You never will

So maybe if you can

Get witty

If you are not the witty type or smart ass as I am

Feel free to pm me and I'll share some stuff you can say

When people say crap like that they don't get that they are basically calling you

Stupid, a liar , lazy or a drama queen

Now if they came to your face and says

Listen here because I'm going to call you a stupid lazy idiot

How would you reply ?

There are so many great and colorful things to say I get excited with chills.

But that's me

And I'm weird I suppose

I do get it's no laughing matter I really do

The knives they use to hurt cut deep and leave scars

I get that

My approach when I say what I want has left me feeling very satisfied because I turned the tables to them

And uh

Guess what

I just called you a stupid lazy ass .

I know it does not take other pain away but still all in all it feels pretty damn good at the time

If you prefer not to be a smart ass and I get that

Just tell them to Google it up

Read some forums

Look at literature

Tell them to get educated

I talked with a lady just yesterday

Told me her daughter had it

I told her of some of the damage it can do and how it took half of every month of my life away for years

She said

I had no idea it was that serious

No idea it could do damage like that and no idea how widespread it is

She thanked me and left to talk to her daughter


"You don't look sick"

"You don't look stupid, but...." or "I know, I'm just awesome that I can feel so cr*p and still look like a badass."

"Have you tried paracetamol?"

"Worked a treat for my slightly hurty knee, but this is a job for prescription-strength opioids."

"Everybody gets cramps"

"Aye, when was the last time you passed out from pain? For me, it was last week. My blood pressure was around 80/50."

"Some people just get bad periods..."

"And some people have their anatomy distorted and fused together by scar tissue created by them, I'd take 'bad periods' and cackle with joy."

"Is that the thing you get because you waited too long to have children?"

"It's the thing you get that can stop you having children..."

"My friend had that, she got the pill and she's fine."

"That's great for her, really, but that doesn't help everyone and it certainly didn't help me!"

Yeah, I have a smart mouth and I often get in trouble for it. But I remember every one of those comments and more. Giving as good as you get helps a bit and hopefully makes that person think before they speak next time, I figure.


😂 thanks ladies now I know what to go back with!! Lol x


hi there, ur not alone , my partner calls me lazy most of the time as I struggle to do the housework on my bad days plus I'm tired most of the time due to this. But I just ignore him and I do the best I can! That's all we can do! Don't listen to other people they don't have to live with the pain and discomfort! We do!. 😊


Ah that sucks!

My BF is really good , and he is currently on hot water bottle duty! Lol

But I honestly don't think anyone understands fully unless you actually have it ! Just wish I personally knew someone with it where we could help each other



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