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First Lap- Not the end yet

Hi girls,

I had my first lap yesterday. Don't think I fully prepared myself for the pain I'd be in after. Can barely move :(

The doctors findings were a large cyst on my left ovary (that never showed on scans) and severe endometriosis sticking my ovaries to my bowels.

He hasn't touched this yet, has made an appointment for me to go see him in 4 weeks to discuss my options and the risks that come with it.

Has anyone had a similar diagnosis?

Also any tips for the pain? I'm finding even breathing impossible currently :(

Thank you xx

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Hi. Sorry to hear your in so much pain 😞 I had a lap last week and I was the same as you. It felt as though I couldn't catch my breath but i think that was due to pain and also the gas. I just took my pain killers and slept most of the time. It helped me to lie a little elevated with my head on a extra cushion. I promise the pain will pass but it's horrible to start with. Feel free to message me if you do have any questions. Hope your feeling better soon. X


Same here! I posted on the day of my op and was fine but the following two days have been horrible. The breathing issues is the gas they pump in you - I didnt sleep due to it the second day but now on the third day and it is barely noticeable so trust me, it goes 😊 My issue has been developing Post Operative Sickness but fingers crossed you dont get that. I had the same thing, extensive Endo around the ovaries and my bowel was stuck to everything but luckily they removed it there and then. So they can fix you - just focus on how you will feel after its all sorted. Good luck x


I had my first lap back in January and came round from the anaesthetic expecting it to have been treated (the consultant had said he would laser it out) only to find that it was far more severe than anticipated and none of it had been removed. I had a horrible time after the surgery as I bled internally and the recovery was long and difficult despite the fact that they hadn't actually done anything other than take a quick look. I took co-codamol and ibuprofen for 2-3 weeks post surgery when I'd left hospital under the impression that I shouldn't need anything more than paracetamol for a couple of days at the most.

Post surgery I was very disappointed, anxious and in shock, I think. It wasn't until that point that I really understood what it meant to have endo and that there was not going to be a quick solution. It wasn't going to be a case of have a simple day patient surgery and be fixed.

I had had a mirena inserted at the time of surgery and was quickly put on to the gnrh analogue injections to stop my periods which gave me a few months of pain relief and that really helped. I was also referred to a bsge centre as the general gynae who had done the first lap admitted that my disease was beyond him. Since then I've had a few weeks of norethisterone and several months of cerazette which are helping but it's really it's a sticking plaster over a gaping wound. I'm having a second lap at a bsge center in a couple of weeks where they are going to fully map the disease before I have another bigger surgery after christmas.

It is so horrible to be in this position and feel so dreadful from surgery which you know hasn't helped but it will get better. Hugs.


Make sure you are treated by a BSGE credited surgeon to ensure best outcome. I had endometriosis excised from the bowel, bladder, ureter and other places a few weeks ago. I am doing absolutely fine now so hopefully it will go well for you.

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