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bowel prep pre surgery

I had my pre op assessment today and they gave me the bowel prep but the pharmacy told me I need to drink a second dose of it at 6am on the day of surgery (when I have an admission time of 7am for morning surgery). This doesn't seem right to me but when I queried it, the pharmacist said she didn't know and I should contact the clinic. I'm still waiting for a response from them, but has anyone else been told to continue a bowel prep on the morning of surgery?

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When I had my bowel prep. I had one at 08:00am then another dose at 14:00. So you can get a sleep and have the bowel cleared before the surgery. Hope this helps.


I had mine at 12 pm after a light early lunch and the next one at 4 pm. I had to be at hospital by 7 am the next day. As Stella says, it enables you to sleep!!

You're supposed to have a clear 6 hours between the last sachet and the procedure.


I had mine the night before (before 10pm) then the second before 6am. I was staying in hospital and they woke me up at 5.30 to drink it:( So yes I think that is correct but try to make sure you have drunk it by 6am rather than at 6am.


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