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Sharp abdo pain & light bleeding but no period

Hey ladies,

For the past 2 weeks I've been experiencing really sharp pain in my abdomen, and a dull aching pain in my hips. I've also been having light blood in my urine (sorry for the tmi) but no actual period, I've used sanitary towels to be on the safe side but there's no spotting or flow what so ever.

The pains quite sharp just below the belly button and all around my hips, sort of a niggling pain but also dull on the hip bone area.

Has any one else had this before and how do you deal with it? I've tried wheat packs, hot water bottle and taking my usual medication but it seems to worsen the pain. I also hate baths but not even a bath is helping the pain either, I'm not too sure what else to try?

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Have you had a urine test?

I had this a while back and I thought it was endo but it ended up being a severe kidney infection that I was really close to being hospitalized for.

I didn't have any other symptoms during that infection just pain and blood in urine, and feeling a little thirsty.

I also passed a kidney stone and had the same thing happen so ask for an X-ray and ultrasound if you think it's that. I'm not sure if your on a BC pill but my kidney stone developed b/c of one.

Pain killers won't help but chugging water, cranberry juice, and getting UTI meds will. This may also be causing your lumbar pain too.

Also get swabs done my last kidney infection resulted from a ph imbalance that caused Bacterial Vaginosis b/c birth control screws up my ph.

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Hello,I had a urine test done about 2 weeks ago as well as 2 blood tests and everything has come back fine other than my platelets keep rising and dropping but apparently that's normal for me given my back ground of cancer.. the urine tests are all clear too. I drink lots of water daily, I will have to get some cranberry juice as it does help. Do you think it would be worth contacting the gp and explaining what's going on and ask for them to check my urine and bloods again? It's only been around 2 weeks since the tests were done and I've had the bleeding for almost 2 weeks but it didn't start straight after the tests.. I just thought nothing of it as I thought it may be a light period but nothing is transferring at all it's just when urinating.

(Again sorry for tmi)


Can you go into a walk in clinic? If it's an infection sooner is always better then later.

Ask for swabs too since a yeast infection or BV (both ph imbalance) can cause you to itch and tear skin also if your on a birth control pill it can thin the skin there. Check with a mirror to see if there are any cut.

Also get your liver checked out if you did chemo, I've heard chemo can cause liver issues later in life.

As for cranberry juice within 30min-1hr the pain will either get better or worse especially if you go to the washroom.

If it gets better it's probably a UTI. If it gets worse it could be Intersestinal Cystistsis which is known as a sister disease to endo. If you feel no improvement it might be a kidney stone.

Before you pass a kidney stone the pain will spread and move down till it's at your urtetha which can either be painful or in my case not to pass. However I couldn't pee right before I passed it and then I did.


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