Upper abdo pain

Hi Ladies I wonder if anyone can help me. I was diagnosed in 2006, had 3 laps the most recent one in November 2014. I have been getting really really sharp pain in my upper left abdomen, throughout 2014 I had a million tests, all of which were normal so it's apparently not digestive problems. Over the last month they have increased in frequency and intensity.

Can anyone shed any light on upper abdo pain associated with endo?

Thanks in advance xx

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  • Where did they find endo in your previous surgery? X

  • It was 6 separate sites in all, one being a large patch of black endometriosis on the front wall of my abdomen above my belly button, pouch of douglas, ovaries, bowel, near but not on my ureta's - can't remember the rest! xx

  • Ok my reason for asking is because that could give the answer to your pain as you had endo above the belly button I take it this was removed? It could be scar tissue inside and when your digesting food it maybe pulling on the adhesions?

  • Hi, I am waiting for my operation and hysterectomy now as my stage 4 endo is back. Last 2 months I also feel pain above my belly button, but I feel it at the end of my ribs, on the left side. Somewhere where pancreas is. It is a little pain normally, but when I have my period, it turns into a massive pain.

    I guess it is endometriosis which has climbed up there. :(

    When I have period, I sleep with like 5 pillows. I was so afraid that endo blood will go up to my diaphragm. I think that has happened now. It could also be your case.

  • Thanks for the replies ladies, I just received the copy of the op report I requested and I am so furious (holding back the tears at my desk) I DO have endo on my diaphragm!!!!! They removed some lesions but left active endo in!!! All this pain for all this time and they didn't tell me! I have had tubes and camera's stuck down my throat and everything!!!

    They discharged me from my consultant knowing they had left active disease in there and this is at one of the top BSGE centers in the country!

    I now have to go back to the GP and get a referral!

    So angry I could burst!


  • Sometimes they can not take all endo of the diaphragm, I have been told that it can be dangerous to cut there too much. Did they offer you drug treatment?

  • They didn't even tell me about it and then discharged me all together, I am back at square one! xx

  • Where did you have this done? X

  • Not sure we are allowed to say but it was in Surrey xx

  • You need to change a specialist. You are allowed to change and travel somewhere else in UK if you wish. Was this an official endometriosis center? You can also change surgeon within the center... fight for yourself and your health. Good luck!!!

  • How did you get a copy of the report?

    Can't believe they would leave it in or not tell you.

    Hugs xx

  • Thanks lovey xx

    I asked the specialist nurse to send it to me by email.

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