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Terrible bladder pain! Help!

I’m booked in for my second laparoscopy on the 16th April. One of the worst symptoms at the moment is the bladder pressure and pain.

I’m just wondering if there is endometriosis effecting my bladder, can It be found by laparoscopy?

Even though the gynaecologist knows my symptoms he has not suggested a cystoscopy, I’ve only found out about that procedure from reading information on here!!

Has anyone had bladder endometriosis found and treated by laparoscopy?

Or found that endometriosis near there bladder was to blame for bladder irritation?


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I wish I knew the answer to your question, I had radical excision of endometriosis last year, before that I was experiencing bladder pain and constant pressure, but I was seeing a urogynae who did a cystoscopy and I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis. I was hoping that by having endo excision it would ease my bladder symptoms - but it has not and I have been suffering for the majority of the last 6 weeks with bladder symptoms. Now I am not sure what my issue is as I am on daily meds for the IC as well as regular bladder instills every 3 weeks. If I were you I would definitely ask for a cystoscopy, if only to rule out IC. I also had a hysterectomy at the time of the excision surgery due to fibroids, adenomyosis and polyps. I now have an appointment to see the gynae on Saturday as I still have my ovaries and have right hand side pain pretty much all the time as well as by bladder pain and constant pressure. I am not sure if they can be done at the same time, I personally would not want them done at the same time, as during the lap they fill you up with air and a cystoscopy they fill your bladder up to capacity a couple of times (very painful).


Thank you for your reply.

I’m so sorry to hear that what they have done hasn’t worked for you, I hope your appointment on Saturday is more successful!

Do you think I should wait to see if the second laparoscopy relieves my bladder symptoms, and if not then look at a cystoscopy?

Finding it so hard to cope with the pain, and no one understanding around me.

I emotionally feel at the end of my tether and I’m fighting going to the doctors as I know they will only try and put me on anti depressants, thing is I wouldn’t be depressed if I was better so I don’t see the point.


Honestly I would push for a cystoscopy, if you do have IC it needs to be managed as its a chronic condition. I had endo on everything and my op lasted 7.5 hours and I still suffer with my bladder as its a completely different condition. I would happily rip my bladder out, at times it gets so bad I have even had to take tramadol for the pain.


I was diagnosed with endometriosis 5 years ago after suffering with bladder pain and discomfort during my period. I had a laparoscopy to remove the endo, followed by the menopause injections (can’t remember the correct name!) and subsequently went back to tri-cycling the pill. I came off the pill last summer and still haven’t had any symptoms return. Nobody ever mentioned a cystoscopy to me and my consultant didnt see any need to refer me to urology. I know everyone’s endo is different, but at the time the laparoscopy was adequate treatment for me. Hope that helps a little and Good Luck!

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Thank you for your reply. That is good to know, I feel a bit more reassured :) and I'm glad your symptoms haven't returned.


Hi, I had the same as you unfortunately. I had a reoccurrence 18months ago and most of my endo was found on my bladder. Luckily enough I went to see a urologist before my opp and so I had great care after it. The surgery helped relieve my symptoms but I still have frequency/pains/pressure depending on the time of month. I had a really great urologist if you’re in the London area her name is Norma Gibbons - she did two cystoscopies over a year to rule out any endo inside the bladder. She also pushed for a urodynamics test to see how my bladder worked after the endo/surgery to see if there was muscle damage. It should really be checked by a urologist as they know how endo can affect your bladder and kidneys - I say this as there is a risk that endo can grow on your ureter and it can cause kidney problems. So if you can push your gp/gynae for some attention by a urologist then please do soon just to be on the safe side. I hope this helps and your lap goes well x

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Thank you for your reply. I have booked to see the specialist again next week so I can speak to him about this is more detail before my surgery, and see what he suggests.

I really hope its just the endo near my bladder that is irritating it, but like you said best to check x

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