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Pelvic Pain 3 months after Lap

I have suffered for endometriosis my since my first period (10 years old) and I'm 20 now. A year and a half ago I was finally diagnosed with endometriosis and within that year and a half my doctor has tried everything but nothing has worked so we did a lap and I'm now on lupron. During surgery we found endometriosis lesions, no adhesions and I was also diagnosed with Pelvic Congestion Syndrome. It's been 3 months since my surgery but ever since surgery I've honestly been in more pain than I was before surgery. Originally I thought it was the lupron since you can be in more pain for the first month but it hasn't gotten better. Before my pain was crampy, a dull deep ache but now I keep getting these stabbing, sharp pains that feel like they are tugging on my insides. It hurts when I sit in positions for to long, when I walk, standing up hurts unless I get up a certain way, sometimes during sex it hurts but it always hurts after. I'm worried I have adhesions from the surgery... My doctor is absolutely amazing and always listens to me and believes me but I feel horrible telling her about this new pain because literally everything we've tried hasn't worked. I just want to know if I should be worried about this pain and tell her or wait to see if it goes away?

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When I went on the pill for a year to help with pain it took till the fourth month until I started feeling better .

Bring it up to dr



Any pain is not normal so you need to tell your doctor. I know the consultants like to think they have all the answers and have done a great job at fixing you but unfortunately this disease does not follow the rules and sometimes it won't go away.

I had my first lap last November and was diagnosed with some deep endo deposits in the pouch of Douglas and on my left SN ligament. It was removed. I had one relatively pain free period in Dec and then in January I could feel that all familiar ache was back. It was really faint but it was there. And my period was a little more painful again. I had my follow up appointment at the end of January and told my consultant this. He seemed dismissive that this could be the case and that he was sure he got all the endo and it couldn't be caused by endo. In May I had another routine appointment and by now I am in lots of pain everyday. He did an ultrasound and could see lots of free fluid in my pelvic area and said 'I can see the endo has come back". Now he can see it he believes it. They don't mean to do it I am sure but they have to take our word for it as we are the ones feeling the pain and symptoms. We know if the pain is not something we can cope with on a daily basis and when we need help. You seem to be lucky and have a consultant who listens so absolutely tell her and it is her job to work out what is happening to your body and try to make you feel better. Good luck


Hello, I'm new here. I suggest speaking to your doctor again. If you don't speak up you could end up with something more serious. Your doctor is there to help keep you healthy. Don't be afraid to seek help. Best of luck! How was your lap? I'm due one soon but bit scared as to what will happen?


Oh thats awful. I just had an endo lap almost 2 months ago. It hurts after I have an orgasm. Sort of worse then before. I'm upset because I feel like the lap surgery was for nothing. I got it because sex and having orgasms is very painful. Will the pain go aeay after a longer period of time or am I just screwed?


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