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Extremely heavy menstrual bleeding after progesterone. Is all hope lost?

Hi ladies. I'm writing partly for advice and partly for others who might experience this. I had 1st lap 5 months ago. Started taking progesterone 2 months later for one month only then stopped because I wanted to have a baby. I had one normal period right away then nothing for 7 weeks (endless bfns). Then bled for 3 weeks and it kept getting heavier as time went on. I finally ended up in the ER and had very low blood levels which required a blood transfusion. Now doctors keep saying I need a hysterectomy and to give up hope for a child. I'm back on progesterone to keep from bleeding to death. Do doctors just remove the uterus when they don't know what to do with it? Has any else experienced this? If I thought it would really help my symptoms I might do it...but I've read that it's not a cure.

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