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Thinking about trying to get pregnant - what are your experiences with this re: fertility, and also did it help the endo?

Hey everyone, so, bit of background info: I have had endo for about 10 years, and went in to get a lap on 6th April (this would be my 3rd to remove endo), I took a severe anaphylactic reaction to the anaesthetic and it couldn't be done, it was awful, I had to be resuscitated and put on a life support machine. I need to get a whole pile of allergy tests before I can be booked in to get the surgery done again (they think I was allergic to a muscle relaxant - mucho weird as I've had around 10 general anaesthetics in my life) and I don't even have a date to go to immunology. Needless to say I would rather never have surgery again, and have started to think that if I get preggers I will not have to get it done (at least for 9 months or so anyway). I found out that I've only really had endo in the pouch of douglas, back of the uterus and utero-sacral ligaments, so none on ovaries, however my surgeon was going to do a 'flush' and dye test thing on my fallopian tubes anyway so see if there were any problems. I've never been pregnant before and I've been married one year but we were going to wait until at least after the op before thinking about trying, we do both want kids. I'm on the OCP so am worried that stopping it will make the endo worse but thats just a risk I'd have to take, and not even discussed this plan with my husband yet, but was wondering if you could tell me your experiences of this, good and bad? If I get preg am hoping that the endo will go subside, is this the case? And did it take long to conceive? Any tips to make it happen? Apart from that I'm 27 years old and have no other medical conditions. Thanks everyone!!

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hey belfastrach, sorry to hear what happened with the anaesthetic :(hope you are recovering well. i used a fertility calculator online and noted all my fertile days, i was taking a folic acid supplement with b6 in it as although im not anaemic i do bleed very heavily on a period. well, i managed to get pregnant straight away!!!! which was a delight i didnt really think i ever would concieve. unfortunately i miscarried at 11 weeks and it broke my heart but trying to remain upbeat it has given me hope for the future :) as for pain relief during pregnancy??? my gynae actually told me to try for a baby!! i hope this helps and wish you the very best of luck xx

p.s the fertility calculator i used is on babycentre.co.uk x


Aww gillyjo, I'm so sorry to hear that. I know a few people who have miscarried recently, and it is devastating. I'm glad your seeing the positive and wish you all the best of luck for trying, would love to hear from u when you conceive again :-)

Theres another website I found, countdown to pregnancy or something, where its all women trying to conceive. I think sites like that one and this one are brilliant because I wouldn't want anyone knowing until I was sure everything was ok, but at least it means you can still talk to people going through the same thing.

Thanks for replying, thats a great help, would u believe until very recently I thought you could get preg at any time of the month lol. Just want to get as much info as poss and convince hubby thats a fantastic idea for me to go off the pill xxx


Your experience sounds awful and I can understand why you would not be keen on any further surgery.

I was also told by my gynae getting pregnant is a good treatment for endo! The reason my endo was discovered was after stopping the pill as I wanted to get pregnant so I can understand your concerns about stopping it.

I would recommend signing up to fertility friend - there's a wealth of information about tracking your cycle, signs of ovulation and helping to get to know what's going on. I have also joined forums with other women trying to conceive although you have to be careful as it can get a bit obsessive!

I wish you the all the best with your journey x


hey belfastrach and rufio, im going to have a look at both websites you have mentioned here:)

like rufio says, you will get some relief from pregnancy from the endo, keep me posted on how you are. as for me, im apparently next on the list for fertility treatment and am just waiting for my consent forms in the post :)

best of luck xx


Thanks guys!! I recovered really quickly after the anaphylactic reaction and luckily it has no lasting damage, only mentally I guess. Yes I've been told to get pregnant before, it just hasn't really been a viable option as we were soo skint after the wedding & everything (still are lol). I really hope it does relieve the endo, and at least if you have a child or children you can actually consider a hysterectomy. Hopefully going off the pill wont be too bad, even if it is it'll be worth it in the long run! If you's are registered on any of them sites let me know your username so we can help each other through that aswell :-)

Your right Rufio, I've had a look on some of them and that 2 week wait to see if you miss a period or not would be the longest 2 wks ever!!

Good luck to you both, I hope it happens really soon xx


same to you belfastrach!!!! my user ids for both is gillyjo :0 xx


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