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1st Laparoscopy nerves

Like most of you ladies I am in pain and unable to do much during my period. Intercourse is painful but the worst thing is the chronic fatigue and I'm only 41!

They said it could be Endo or IBS but after a course of tablets nothing has changed.

I finally have an apt for my 1st laparoscopy on 24th Oct and am very nervous and worried in case they don't find anything.

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All I would say is don't be disheartened if they don't find endo on your first lap. It's extremely frustrating if they don't but you know your body better than anyone.

I had my first lap 6 years ago and no endo was found and I felt completely lost. I gave up and isn't pursue it further until the pain go so unbearable that I had to go back. Had my 2nd lap last weekend and they found endo... I think it all comes down to the specialist that you have

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Thank you for yr words of advice. I think i will persevere if nothing comes of it x


I totally understand the nerves. My first lap is tomorrow and I'm bricking it! I'm so worried I'll come round and get told they found nothing and there will be no explanation for my pain. Trying to tell myself that not having endo would be a good thing and I could move on to bowel investigations etc...but it'd be so nice to come out of this with a definite diagnosis.

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Good luck with the lap. I hope they find something (in a good way).

Understand your feelings though, as a diagnosis would be good rather than not knowing & back to square one!! I have the same concern.

Take care hun ☺️ X


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