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Lots of pain early pregnancy

I have suffered with endometriosis since I was a teenager (am now 27) but was only recently diagnosed. I am currently 8 weeks pregnant with my third child and am suffering- a lot. I've been having pain in my right hand side which comes and goes in waves but at its worse leaves me unable to walk.

I've had a scan to rule out an ectopic pregnancy and cysts etc. After going to hospital twice I was sent home his morning saying that I was either having a threatened miscarriage or the pain is from my scar tissue from my 2 c-sections and endometriosis.

This afternoon after (sorry for the detail) having a bowel movement I ended up I agonsing pain for an hour and a half which only went away when I caved in and took some codeine (which I'm not really supposed to take). I just didn't know what to do.

I just don't know where to go from here to be honest. The doctors have been lovely but aren't offering solutions and I don't know how I can continue this way when I have 2 toddlers to look after.

Has anyone else experienced this??

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Hi - it sounds as if you probably have adhesions pulling on your uterus. I have just started a Facebook group for UK women and someone else on there has this same problem. She has been to an endo specialist today for advice. You may wish to join to share your experience.


Thanks for the reply- I've requested to join the group :)


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