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Trying to conceive, early pregnancy symptoms?


Hi everyone been a while since I've posted, a bit off subject but thought I would ask the question. I'm trying for a baby and my period is due on Wednesday, it's difficult to determine when I'm used to pains whether there here because my period is away to start or if it's early signs of pregnancy (fingers crossed!) just today my lower back has been achy and sorry for tmi but I've had a lot of white discharge. If anyone who's got pregnant with endometriosis remembers can you let me know if you felt different or if it was the same sort of period pains to begin with? I'd love to hear from anyone who could shed some light. Thanks xx

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I fell pregnant while I had endo, I had pains like period pains to begin with , and more clear discharge, I also felt sick quite a lot , I was booked to have an internal scan because of severe pain during sex for months which later turned out to be my Endo , but while I was having the scan I found out I was five weeks pregnant ! I now have a 15m old little boy, my endo was removed in January this year. There are many symptoms for many women , Im on the pill and get pregnancy like symptoms now , don't be disheartened if you're not pregnant , good luck :) x

hi Venus!

I have been TTC for 18 months, but only last week was diagnosed with endo. I did get pregnant once a year ago, but unfortunately miscarried at 6 weeks.

In terms of symptoms, I just felt mild cramping from about 3 days before my period was due and a 'wet' feeling, which made me constantly think my period was coming early! A day after it was due I took a test and it was positive. Then after that I started to get big, sore boobs and acne. However I have scoured TTC forums for 18 months and it seems that so many women get such different symptoms, even between pregnancies, so it's really really hard to offer advice. I'm not sure that having endo would give you different early prey symptoms than other women?? But others might be able to advise

I temp (chart my BBT temperature) and the temp stars dipping 2 days before my period and that is how I always knows it's coming, and stops me getting disappointed when it does!

With regards to the discharge I randomly started getting lots of white discharge a few days before my period recently (for a few months) and it turned out to mean nothing. HOWEVER when I googled it I found many many women do list this as a early symptom, and lower back pain is also a common symptom, so with luck this is the case for you!

I would just try and keep your mind off it and test if you don't have your period by Thursday. I know it's much easier said than done though!! How long have you been TTC?

Good luck!!! Crossing everything for you that you do get good news!!!! x

venusx5 in reply to fauxlivia

Thank you for taking the time to reply, it's just been 4 months and I know that doesn't seem like a lot but my gynaecologist said to try for 6 then if nothing to get further tests done (me and my partner) so does scare me. I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriage, can't imagine how that would feel. Are you still trying now? I know what you mean about everybody having different symptoms just I'm trying not to give up hope as not sure whether the pains are pre period or early pregnancy if that makes sense. Will soon see. X

Aw hang in there! The majority of couples do take about 4-6 months, even without any issues!

Yeah it's hard as early preg symptoms are often exactly like PMS symptoms, but generally I think if something is a lot different to your normal cycle then it's a good sign. But many women don't notice anything until after their period is due so everyone is just different! I have stopped symptom stopping as it wasn't healthy for me, but I did used to find this website helpful - this link is for 7 days past ovulation but you can search on any day:

Yes we are still trying :) I suspected endo for years and didn't get anywhere - then was told they couldn't investigate until a year after the MC. Then at that point I was told it was a 5 month wait to see a gynecologist so it was very frustrating......but then my hubby got transferred to the US and we just moved. Here I could see a gyn straight away and within a week had a lap and had endo diagnosed, almost 100% covered by insurance so was lucky really!

Anyway my gynae also did the tubal dye study and said my tubes are fine, and now he has removed the endo he should I should have a better chance. Even though my tubes were okay he said endo just would have created a bad environment for conception.

So do you know for sure that your tubes are okay, and have you had a lap etc?

He wants us to try for 3 - 6 months on our own and then explore options. I'm really hoping we can conceive naturally as fertility treatment is not covered on our insurance and is so expensive here. So it's been a frustrating journey and I've wanted to give up many times, but feeling hopeful for the future! I've just hit 35 which is also stressing me out!

Anyway sorry for rambling. Crossing everything for you - let me know how you get on! But if it doesn't work out this month then don't be afraid of the tests - they can help identify issues and there are plenty of ways to correct things so it's always better to know!

Good luck! xxx

venusx5 in reply to fauxlivia

Thanks for your reply, I've had 2 laparoscopies one to diagnose and the other a year later (2 years in November) to remove the endo which had spread in under a year which is really scary. I'm lucky as in Scotland we don't have to pay for our health service and I've been lucky with my gynaecologist although took my gp 3 years to refer me! Also my tubes are fine apparently when they removed it they did the best they could but it has spread to my left ovary pretty bad. Good luck with trying, don't let your age out you off my mum and dad tried for 10 years to have children, went through the adoption process got accepted then found out she was pregnant with twins at 34 😊 all naturally! Even after 3 goes at IVF. Thanks again for your reply, hoping I will be able to share good news soon x

fauxlivia in reply to venusx5

That all sounds really positive!! Good luck and keep us posted :) x

Hi I'm currently 8 weeks pregnant after TTC for 6 months. 2 days before my period was due I started to get period light cramps, not as bad as endo pain just probably at a normal pain level I guess. I felt slightly sick 3 days before I was due but that only lasted a day and sore boobs but all of these are similar to my pre period symptoms. The cramps were the same as normal period pains, lower back and lower abdomen. I can't remember about discharge I'm afraid.

I really hope it's good news for you good luck xx

4 days late...experiencing normal sort of cramps not as bad as I've had before and really bad back pains, haven't experienced any breast tenderness or felt sick yet so I'm not sure whether this is my body just playing tricks on me. I was due on Wednesday and took a pregnancy strip test on Thursday which came back negative 😒 I've experience a very very small amount of spotting but it's never came to anything and that's happened twice in the last few days. Anybody any advice? Not sure if I should take another test and pay more for a clear blue one as these are cheap ones I bought off the internet last year ? Xx

I known to sounds silly but I think pregnancy tests are supposed to be used within a certain amount of time, Im sure they have expiry dates, I would definatley buy a new one x

Going to as just done another one and it came back negative again so going to bite the bullet and get one of the clear blue ones that way I can be certain. I have an appointment with my gynaecologist on Friday also which helps cause I can speak with him about it too.

Dollar1414 in reply to venusx5

Good luck x

You may feel a prickling or tingling sensation in your breasts, particularly around your nipples. It happens because pregnancy hormones increase the blood supply to your breasts. This can be one of <a href=" earliest signs of pregnancy.</a>

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