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Possible pregnancy after ovaries extraction

Hi, girls. I decided to write her because I need your help. My story started four years ago when my gyny found a large cyst on my left ovary and a small one on the right one. Before this I had an abortion, and my doctor thinks it wasn’t done well. I experienced a surgery to extract the cysts and took hormone medicines for six months. When the treatment courses were finished, my hubby and I decided to give a birth to a child. However, I couldn’t get pregnant because my ovaries were damaged pretty much after the surgeries. In addition, I had tissues in my tubes. The doctor advised us a donor egg to enhance the success results, and we started to look for an appropriate clinic to contact. As we live in Germany, ED is unavailable here. We decided to go to Ukraine and try our luck there. We dealt with Biotexcom. It’s a reproductive clinic in Kiev, the capital city. We chose this clinic because we’ve found loads of favorable feedbacks about it in the internet. However, when we came to Ukraine the things turned to be quite different. When we came to Ukraine, we were met at the airport by a very courteous translator. Then we were taken to a nice apartment to have some rest. The following day, a driver took us to the clinic, and this was the end of the things we liked about this clinic. Biotexcom is a tiny clinic located in a small private villa. When we entered the hall we were surprised to see large queues everywhere. There wasn’t even a vacant place to stand. Some people were even sitting on the stairs. We saw loads of couples with newly born children there. Some of them were crying and it made the atmosphere in the clinic unbearable… A cold and unfriendly administrator told us that our manager in charge is busy, so we have to wait our turn. Overall, we waited nearly 2 hours before the manager came into the clinic hall and invited us to see a doctor. The doctor who spoke with us seemed to be a real expert, but she treated us so formally…. We’ve decided not to sign up a contract yet, and went back to France.

P.S. We visited another Ukrainian clinic in Kiev. It was called Isida. The things were different there… Extremely polite and friendly administrator, very understandable and sympathizing doctor and empty clinic hall. There were no queues and noise. The atmosphere is very calm and even frightening. Now I have one question: both clinics suit us, but we don’t know which one to choose: a noisy or quiet one??? Maybe, there is anybody here who has got an egg donation in Ukraine??? Please share your experience with me.

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Hi, mistywoman. Really sorry for you… I also have endo in my womb, but

after an appropriate hormone treatment course, I managed to conceive and give a

birth to a lovely boy. You’ve written loads of unfavorable things about this

clinic. But as far as I understand, you hesitate whether to deal with them or

not. At least you may check their success rates and then make the right

decision. I wish you good luck, hun! Xxx


My daughter was a surrogate for a couple from Germany

She had to go to Domian Republic to have procedure .

I know in England to there were laws against it

I would search and see if you can find a de that can extract an egg from you then do the IVF


Hi, ladies! Thanks for your messages. I tried to check their success ratings before going there. They turned to be rather high, and this was the main reason why we decided to go there. I’ve spoken with several ladies on various fertility forums who used to be the former patients of this clinic. They praise the fertility specialists who work there. One lady told me about her long way to become a mum. She managed to conceive only in Kiev with Biotexcom.

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great! Maybe, you should phone or email them and tell about the things you didn’t

like in their clinic. If I were in your shoes, I would do this. Sometimes it

happens that the clinic’s owners hire bad staff, so you may just tell them about

such things and they will fix everything. Maybe, you can ask them to give you

the exact time when to come and see your doctor. As far as I know, you should

pass some medical checkups before your program starts. Have you passed through

any medical tests yet?


Did you happen to find out if you had any eggs left to freeze ?

That's not a good place to be for IVF

You should not have to feel like an animal out to slaughter .

You should be made as comfortable as possible and treated with hope and respects

Try again with another clinic


Hi, Shelly92. The problem is that Biotexcom has rather high success ratings. This clinic also has good fertility specialists, so this is the main reason why I still hesitate. Yesterday I got a phone call from the clinic. They wanted to know whether we decided to sign up a contract with them or not. I told them about the things I didn’t like in their clinic and they promised to fix everything. They’ve offered us to visit them next month. I don’t know what to say.


Hi, mistywoman. I’ve read your feedback about Biotexcom. I just want to ask you why you’ve chosen this country. As far as I know Ukraine has quite a lot of economic and political problems at present. The country is at war. Are you really sure that it’s safe to go there? I know that there are quite a lot good clinics in the USA, UK and Spain. Why don’t you want to deal with them?

P.S. If you choose Ukraine, you’ll have to know Ukrainian or Russian to communicate with the clinic’s doctors. Do you know this?


Hi, miaB! Thanks for your message. I’ll try to answer to all your questions.^^^ Firstly, I’ve chosen Ukrainian clinic Biotexcom cause I’ve found quite a lot of favorable feedbacks about its fertility specialists. For me, it’s the key moment in choosing a clinic cause I need to be sure that everything will be ok. Secondly, they do have very favorable prices and we can afford this. Finally, the clinic offers a nice package of services including interpreter’s services and apartment. When we come to Ukraine, we’ll be met at the airport by the driver and interpreter. The clinic will provide us with meals and accommodation free of charge. These are the main reasons why we decided to deal with Biotexcom.


The things you’ve written above are quite predictable. I don’t think they would treat their patients bad. If they do so, they won’t have any clients at all. If I were you, I would pay more attention to the way they treat egg donors. These are women who give infertile couples an ability to conceive. It’s really fantastic. Nevertheless, there are quite a lot of clinic’s that use poor, young women to earn money. Are you sure that the clinic you’ve got interested in is an ethical one?


Hi, miaB. I also asked this question to our program manager. She told us that they do deal with young women cause they use eggs of women who are from 18 to 25 years old. The woman should be healthy. She must be a mother of at least one healthy child. There shouldn’t be any hereditary diseases in her family, including her aunts, uncles, siblings, parents and grandparents. If the woman matches all these requirements, she may become an egg donor. The program manager also told us that an egg donor gets a good money compensation for her services. The clinic also pays all transportation, accommodation and medical expenses.


Hi, mistywoman! I’ve read all your posts very attentively and I would like to ask you about the way you’re going to choose a donor. I don’t think it’s possible to do this. All people are unique, and it will be very difficult to find a woman who resembles you greatly. I think it’s nearly impossible to do this. Don’t you think so?

P.S. I beg your pardon if I’ve offended you in some way. It’s just my personal point of view.


Before going to Ukraine, we’ve sent the clinic representatives a short description of the lady whom we think will suit us as a donor. They will use a special computer software to find an appropriate donor in their database. If we sign up a contract with them, we’ll be able to see a donor’s photo. We consider it really handy. I understand that it’s really difficult to find a woman who will resemble me greatly. But it will be my husband’s baby, and I’m sure I will love him greatly. I really want to be a mom.


Sounds nice! I hope they would find the best donor for you, dear! I would also like to know how you’re going to pay for their services. Will you pay in cash or use a bank transfer? Are they going to choose additional fees?

P.S. As far as I know, reproductive clinics like to charge additional fees from its clients. Is Biotexcom the same?


I don’t think Biotexcom will do this. According to the contract we’re to sign up the clinic will charge only a fixed sum. It means no additional fees will be charged of us. I think it’s really handy. We may make the payment either via a bank transfer or in cash. The only thing I don’t like about it is that they ‘re going to charge fines if you don’t do certain tests in time. Do you think it’s fair?


I think it’s quite ok. Every clinic has to organize its work in some way. If they allow their patients to do the tests when they want, they won’t do their work effectively. For me, it’s quite reasonable to ask patients follow certain rules. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to pay fines, you should read the contract very attentively before you sign up anything.

P.S. Will you use fresh or frozen eggs in your program. As far as I know, fresh eggs are more effective than frozen ones.


We plan to use fresh eggs for our program. When we choose a donor, the fertility specialist will study my menstrual cycle and determine the day when we have to come for sperm pick up and embryo transfer. Up to this time, I have to take birth control pills to synchronize my periods with the donor’s ones. During the second visit, my hubby’s sperm will be picked up and it will be used to fertilize fresh donor’s eggs. Then three embryos will be transferred into my uterus. I will have to take hormone medicines after the embryos transfer to support the pregnancy. In two weeks, I’ll be able to make the first pregnancy test.


Hi, everybody. I’ve decided to join this thread cause I really need your help and advice. I don’t have ovaries, so I can’t ovulate any more. However, I have a womb and I can get pregnant if someone shares her eggs with me. My bf and I decided to try ED too. So I have several practical questions for you now. The first one is whether I should take special vitamins to enhance my chances to conceive. Secondly, what kind of medical tests do I have to do before my ED program starts?


I think you should consult your fertility specialist. He’s the one who would tell you whether to take some vitamins or not. If I were in your shoes, I wouldn’t do anything without consulting the doctor. As for medical tests, I visited the official website of the clinic and found the entire list of the tests there. You may also google some information on the internet and find some tips there. I used to do some hormone and blood tests. I also had some ultrasound checks. Finally, my hubby had some sperm tests.


Hi, dear. Thanks for your reply. I quite agree with you that it’s better to consult a fertility specialist and do some tests first. Hun, have you made any decisions on that clinic? Will you visit them or not? Have you phoned them one more time? Please, share your updates…


Hi, healthygirl. We phoned them several weeks ago. My hubby told them about the things we disliked about our first visit to the clinic and they promised to fix everything. At least, their client manager apologized and promised to find a better program manager for us. They plan to open three more clinics in Kiev soon to serve their clients better. The new manager will plan our next in the details and we won’t wait hours in the queues. We haven’t decided whether to visit them or not… Maybe, we’ll come to Kiev in several months.


I wish you good luck, hun. If they are real professionals, they would do all necessary things to make you delighted with their service. Just tell them about the things you really dislike and ask them to fix their faults as soon as possible. It will be nice if you communicate with program manager every time you need to find out something. Maybe, you should visit an attorney. Don’t be too nervous! Everything will be ok! Xxx


My hubby and I have considered all pros and cons of going to Ukraine. We’ve contacted several other fertility clinics in Kiev, and Biotexcom seems really the best. The fact that they provide us with an apartment, transportation and interpreter services will make our visit really an enjoyable one. The other clinics couldn’t provide us with this. In addition, their prices are really reasonable ones. We plan to visit them next month. I feel nervous a little bit about it.


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