Possible pregnancy after ovaries extraction

Hi, girls. I decided to write her because I need your help. My story started four years ago when my gyny found a large cyst on my left ovary and a small one on the right one. Before this I had an abortion, and my doctor thinks it wasn’t done well. I experienced a surgery to extract the cysts and took hormone medicines for six months. When the treatment courses were finished, my hubby and I decided to give a birth to a child. However, I couldn’t get pregnant because my ovaries were damaged pretty much after the surgeries. In addition, I had tissues in my tubes. The doctor advised us a donor egg to enhance the success results, and we started to look for an appropriate clinic to contact. As we live in Germany, ED is unavailable here. We decided to go to Ukraine and try our luck there. We dealt with Biotexcom. It’s a reproductive clinic in Kiev, the capital city. We chose this clinic because we’ve found loads of favorable feedbacks about it in the internet. However, when we came to Ukraine the things turned to be quite different. When we came to Ukraine, we were met at the airport by a very courteous translator. Then we were taken to a nice apartment to have some rest. The following day, a driver took us to the clinic, and this was the end of the things we liked about this clinic. Biotexcom is a tiny clinic located in a small private villa. When we entered the hall we were surprised to see large queues everywhere. There wasn’t even a vacant place to stand. Some people were even sitting on the stairs. We saw loads of couples with newly born children there. Some of them were crying and it made the atmosphere in the clinic unbearable… A cold and unfriendly administrator told us that our manager in charge is busy, so we have to wait our turn. Overall, we waited nearly 2 hours before the manager came into the clinic hall and invited us to see a doctor. The doctor who spoke with us seemed to be a real expert, but she treated us so formally…. We’ve decided not to sign up a contract yet, and went back to France.

P.S. We visited another Ukrainian clinic in Kiev. It was called Isida. The things were different there… Extremely polite and friendly administrator, very understandable and sympathizing doctor and empty clinic hall. There were no queues and noise. The atmosphere is very calm and even frightening. Now I have one question: both clinics suit us, but we don’t know which one to choose: a noisy or quiet one??? Maybe, there is anybody here who has got an egg donation in Ukraine??? Please share your experience with me.

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  • Hi, mistywoman. Really sorry for you… I also have endo in my womb, but

    after an appropriate hormone treatment course, I managed to conceive and give a

    birth to a lovely boy. You’ve written loads of unfavorable things about this

    clinic. But as far as I understand, you hesitate whether to deal with them or

    not. At least you may check their success rates and then make the right

    decision. I wish you good luck, hun! Xxx

  • My daughter was a surrogate for a couple from Germany

    She had to go to Domian Republic to have procedure .

    I know in England to there were laws against it

    I would search and see if you can find a de that can extract an egg from you then do the IVF

  • Hi, ladies! Thanks for your messages. I tried to check their success ratings before going there. They turned to be rather high, and this was the main reason why we decided to go there. I’ve spoken with several ladies on various fertility forums who used to be the former patients of this clinic. They praise the fertility specialists who work there. One lady told me about her long way to become a mum. She managed to conceive only in Kiev with Biotexcom.

  • Sounds

    great! Maybe, you should phone or email them and tell about the things you didn’t

    like in their clinic. If I were in your shoes, I would do this. Sometimes it

    happens that the clinic’s owners hire bad staff, so you may just tell them about

    such things and they will fix everything. Maybe, you can ask them to give you

    the exact time when to come and see your doctor. As far as I know, you should

    pass some medical checkups before your program starts. Have you passed through

    any medical tests yet?

  • Did you happen to find out if you had any eggs left to freeze ?

    That's not a good place to be for IVF

    You should not have to feel like an animal out to slaughter .

    You should be made as comfortable as possible and treated with hope and respects

    Try again with another clinic

  • Hi, Shelly92. The problem is that Biotexcom has rather high success ratings. This clinic also has good fertility specialists, so this is the main reason why I still hesitate. Yesterday I got a phone call from the clinic. They wanted to know whether we decided to sign up a contract with them or not. I told them about the things I didn’t like in their clinic and they promised to fix everything. They’ve offered us to visit them next month. I don’t know what to say.

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