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Hello (long post alert),

I've been holding off writing a post for a while but have been commenting here and there on others' posts. I see more and more people talking of wanting to hear a success story so here is mine, so far!

I was diagnosed with severe endo (bladder, bowels, POD and endometriomas - 6.5cm on both ovaries). I had a laparoscopy but although removing the cysts they didn't touch the endo. 6 months later I conceived but miscarried. I suspect another 2 miscarriages, one before this time and one after.

After two years it was confirmed that I had even more endometriomas that had returned immediately after the lap and I was in extreme pain daily with maybe one week lighter pain than the others. I'd had enough. I broke down completely and grieved. I know people going down the IVF route and I didn't know if I had the strength. Many people said that was selfish and how couldn't I do everything possible to conceive and I agreed but feared putting my already broken body through that for more disappointment. In fact I was terrified of more miscarriages.

I'll get to the point.... I got married, got drunk a fair bit, moved house and (tmi...) had sex once in February when I really fancied it, rather than discussing it first and knowing when I was ovulating. I actually tried to avoid ovulation to avoid disappointment. We looked into adoption and were just going to apply after deciding it was for us... And boom. There were a few things not adding up and I took a test to prove to my hubby that I wasn't pregnant. He was right 😳 (He's not always right!).

I'm 21 weeks now and consider myself incredibly lucky every day. My cysts have shrunk and I have had no pain. I fear the worst most days but take it one step at a time. I haven't asked for any additional oversight and have been discharged from my consultants as I'm allegedly progressing well. I don't talk about it much and have tried to distance myself in case anything bad happens but am relaxing more and more each day even if things don't work out, what a fantastic story so far and it won't be because of the endo.

As I've said to others on here, endo is a misunderstood debilitating condition that does not get the recognition it should. It makes fertility difficult in some cases but not always impossible. Keep thinking as positively as you can, even when the endo feels overwhelming. Laugh lots, rule out time with Rubbish mates who don't want to understand (there's a difference between not understanding and not wanting to understand) and try to recognise the lighter moments in life.

Pregnancy can happen and does happen. I hope someone has found that helpful... Sorry for the long post x

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Lovely post xxxxx

You sound like you've had a struggle and a half. I'm so happy for you and your husband.

Are you going to find out if you're having a boy or a girl or wait for a surprise?

Best wishes and thank you so much for instilling some faith in to us ladies xx

Hello, we were going to wait then changed our mind at the scan. We're having a boy and it's really helped me get excited and know this is really happening x

Thank you for sharing. I am so happy that your pregnancy is going well. It just goes to shows that some people take longer xxx

Thank you x

Wonderful news and huge congratulations to you both! Thank you so much for sharing X X X X

Thank you x

U sound like uv had a awful time with this so pleased for u and ur husband hope all goes well for U both xx

Thank you so much x

What pain did you feel during the first four weeks of pregnancy ? I have been trying for last 5 years and I have stage 4 endo. I am very please to hear about your pregnancy. It make me feel better that I might have a chance.

Hi, I have stage 4. I had no pain during pregnancy really. I didn't know until 7 weeks so anything before then I'll have attributed to my cysts and General endo. Good luck x

Thank you so much, your pregnancy give me so much hope.xx

Thank you x

Thank you - very heartening to hear and just what I needed to read this morning. Wishing you a wonderful and healthy pregnancy xx

Thank you for you kind words, I'm pleased it helped people to read something positive x

Thank you so much for sharing this post. I am terrified I won't be able to have a baby. Truth be told we haven't been trying, but as you said, we are avoiding trying so that we take the pressure off. Best wishes to you and your husband xxx

Thank you. For me taking the pressure off was the right thing to do. We had so many days out and fun evening dancing around the kitchen not even thinking about children. It makes sense to enjoy what's around you as a child will only enhance that x

Congratulations! My pain completely went away and my doctor told me that during pregnancy it happens due to hormonal changes. I haven't had it confirmed but as my doctor suspected endo she asked me how my pain was during pregnancy and it did disappear.

Yes it's crazy isn't it. My cysts have shrunk too! Baby kicks ass...! Lol x

Yeah I'm gonna ask my gynaecoligist tomorrow if I can try for another. I'm worried as I started my periods early and because they have found a shadow on my ovary that it may not be possible. I have my son and he is perfect.

Ah, you can only ask the questions but pregnancy can help a lot of issues. Hope you hefty the bottom of things soon x

Hi brottonbabe and annmurry. Nice to hear your story and thank you. Would like to know if you went through/or going go through natural birth or ceasarean and subsequently remove it at the same time.

Cheers :)

Hi! I had a vaginal birth. I never wanted a section so was happy with how it went. I read that a vaginal birth can hold off endo for longer but who knows...! X

This is so lovely! congratulations and i would love to hear more about your journey! thank you for sharing xx

Aw thank you. I though people might be asleep by the bottom of the post so it's nice to think I helped people X

Congratulations honey, what a great news!!!

I hope you feel good and you will have easy pregnancy, its so inspiring to read stories like yours. I think you gave hope to many women up here.

I wish you never experienced failures, but I think it made you much stronger

Loads of love to you and your family!

Oh thank you for that. Yeah I'm definitely a stronger person and am hopefully making a strong little person inside me! X

Fantastic news wishing lots of luck and happiness!x

Thank you x

Congratulations! Wishing you all the best for the rest of your pregnancy and thank you for sharing your story! X

Thank you x

Congratulations! I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy and continue to stay pain free. I thought I'd add a little bit of advice post birth-if you can, breastfeed! I am stage 4 and gave birth to my son in December and had been advised that doing so keeps endo at bay a little longer, sometimes up to 2 years. I had seen the struggles my friends had had and always the pessimist, I knew l might struggle too. I was so determined and stubborn though that once we got through the first few days (with a little lanolin to help), it was wonderful. My son is now being weaned but l will continue to feed until he is fully weaned and no longer needs it. I've had no proper period as yet and only a few niggles recently so far, so even if l only get these 6 months added pain free, every day is a bonus! Xx

Thank you and that is the plan! I'm going to try my hardest. If I have any questions later on you might hear from me! Congratulations on the birth of your son and good luck with the endo in the future x

Thankyou 😀, yes no problem, ask away!! Good luck xx

Thanks for your post . It so nice to know it can happen. I have severe endo, however touch wood, my pain is usually only around my period. I hope you don't mind me asking but how old are you?

Thank you. I'm 34 x

beautiful news, congratulations. Xxx

Thank you x

Thanks for your reply ...I'm 39 but still hoping for a miracle Xxxx

Keep the hope x

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