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Donor egg ivf with severe endo at age 33

Hello have done one fresh transfer and two FETs so far with no luck. i Have severe endo. i had a w=extensive lapaoroscopy with cystectomy to remove endo in May 2016. i decided to go for another round of IVF and my blood work came out all wrong

FSH 22

AMH .65

im only 33! so the clinic refused to do another round unless i opt for donor eggs. Has any body of you have gone through donor cycles and had sucess? my estrogen levels in FETs were not godd, around 600 in maximum, eventhough i was in max dose of 24mg per day of progynova,

im too scared now.... please please share your thoughts

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When I had my initial tests my FSH was only slightly elevated, then we moved and the new PCT wanted me to be re - tested and my FSH had risen to 17. Cut off for NHS was 15, 20 for private, so we went private. But they did say that my results could be different if I was tested a different month, but we'd had enough by then. Anyway, my points are, can you ask to be retested? And, even with my raised FSH I had two successful IVFs with my own eggs. Wishing you the very best of luck. Xxx


Thank you very much.. I'm so desperate, yes they want me to retest but say that it will not go down below 10, which is the cut off point. I was thinking my last lap could be the culprit for my elevated FSH levels. it was 04 hour surgery with cystectomy to remove a massive endometrima. seems like they have removed my tissues along with it...i'm kind of depressed right now and cant wait for my next period to retest..


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