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Baby hope for severe endo

My husband and I gave up hope several years ago that we would be able to conceive naturally after I was diagnosed with stage 4 severe endo in 2004 and went on to have 3 operations and numerous hormone therapies since then to treat the 'mess' endo had created inside of me.

This 'mess' included multiple large endometrioma cysts, one of which measured 16cm in diameter, the removal of most of my left ovary, 3 cyst removals on my right ovary, the left tube being battered and adhered to my bowel and my right tube being completely blocked.

Then, by some miracle after nearly 11 years of marriage and against all the odds we found ourselves spontaneously pregnant last Easter. After years of feeling like I was broken we now have the most beautiful 8 week old baby girl in our arms, conceived completely naturally and words can not describe the love we feel for her.

If you are in a similar position to how I was for the last 7 years then I hope this post helps to give you hope and shows that even when endo tries to do its most destructive work in our bodies, miracles can and do still happen.

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Congratulations, that is wonderful :o) I have endo on my right ovary and I must admit I am worrying if this will effect my fertility. Thank you for your post x


WOW what a lovely story.....brought a tear to my eye. Congratulations x


Thanks for sharing such a lovely story and congratulations on your bundle of joy. Thanks for sharing a glimmer of hope x


Thank You. That is such an encouragement to hear. I know miracles are possible. In need of one right now!


Thank you for your lovely comments x


Thank you for sharing your story. I love to hear things like this as we are trying at the moment and my insides are a mess (that's the techinical term I use when people ask lol glad I am not the only one) It is good to know that good things do happen to people and there is a lways hope. x


I have just been diagnosed with endo, and one of my Fallopian tubes is completely scarred, but I conceived a baby within 3 months of coming off of the pill. I'm sure there are endo miracle babies everywhere that people don't even realise they've had. So thanks for sharing this. It's beautiful. :-)


What a beautiful story.

And also agree with you mrs gizzard - surely there are several endo miracle babies.

I myself have struggled with endo and cysts , and have had dysplasia, but now am 6 months pregnant naturally.

We should spread the good stories too, as there is always always hope! x

The endo pain continues, but as long as my baby is safe, this little miracle is worth it. x


I chose to leave this post as many years ago when I was first diagnosed and looking for news of good things which had happened to people in our position, I could find very little on the web. My fingers are crossed for everyone who is trying to conceive and I hope this post and it's great replies can give hope. Its so lovely to hear of more miracle endo babies.

Vicky W we share more in common, my first name is Vicky also and I too have hip dysplasia (its severe in the right, moderate to severe in the left, it was diagnosed in my late twenties rather than as a baby which meant arthritis had set itself firmly in by the time I was diagnosed). You probably have obstetric physio already organised but if not its worth considering to gain the best advice on labour positions etc for your hips.


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