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The return of endometriosis?

Hello all, I am aged 47 and was diagnosed with endometriosis in my 20s for which I received treatment and have taken the contraceptive pill ever since. I have not really had periods since that time and no pain at all. Just over a week ago I woke up with a pain in my right side and had my bowels open several times that day. The pain has continued and I have had an ultrasound scan which shows that all is normal, but I know that this scan cannot rule out endometriosis. The pain seems to move around, sometimes being in my right side and other times in the top of my right leg or just across my lower abdomen, which reminds me of the bad old days when I had endometriosis. All the doctors can say at the moment is that is is probably a viral infection. I just wondered if anyone else had experienced something similar after such a long time of being well. Thanks, Sam

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Hi - you refer to 'the bad old days when you had endometriosis' but unless it was very mild then the pill is unlikely to have regressed it completely. This apparently does sometimes happen but your return of symptoms does suggest otherwise. Since the pill has pretty much stopped your periods this has hopefully stopped any new endo from forming (although the jury is still out on what might cause it) but existing endo can still slowly progress when on the pill. In fact this is acknowledged as often having a big part to play in deep endo emerging years down the line. Where you go from here depends on where you are in the UK - if you are in England you can request referral to a BSGE specialist endo centre. If in the devolved health boards you will have to go through general gynaecology.


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