I have endometriosis and I've been in slot of pain with my legs and my feet and especially my right side is a painful experience to have this endometriosis I've had this before but this time it's different I never had the feet or legs pains .. Just belly and low back pains .. I've also grain a lot of weight which never happened before.

Thankfully I have my endometriosis surgery next week so I'm hoping all of this feet and leg pains will go away.

Does anyone know if all my feet and legs pain are due to this endometriosis?

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  • Hi there - I suffer with the exact pain you're describing and I have been diagnosed with endometrioma. It's an off-shoot of endometriosis (you can't have one without the other) and is essentially a blood-filled cyst growing on one of your ovaries. Mine is also on my right side and the pain travels down my leg from the middle of my back, into my buttock and down the side of my thigh. It's very painful pretty much all the time but gets particularly worse around ovulation.

    Once you've had your lap surgery, the consultant should come to see you in the recovery ward to go through what he found whilst he was operating. If you can, it's a good idea to have someone else with you, as the consultant tends to come and see you when you're still recovering from the general anaesthetic and sometimes it's difficult to remember what he said when you're still feeling woozy and a bit out of it! If there's someone else with you, they will be able to take notes and listen to what he said so they can convey it back to you when you're feeling a bit more 'with it'.

    Good luck with your surgery and here's hoping your symptoms are much relieved afterwards.

  • Hi there this is me Thankyou for reply yes I've had them before cysts and they are very painful as well thanks again

  • Hello, I get this. I haven't been diagnosed with endo yet, but for about the past 5 or 6 years, especially around ovulation and then getting worse up until my period, I had horrendous pain, sharp pain in groin, going right through to my buttock, my buttock burning so much with pain and then the pain radiating down the outside of my thigh and horrible aching pain in my calf, some months were better than others and then other months worse, but with it came/comes crushing fatigue and feeling very down sometimes and depressed, off work a lot. I have had a laparoscopy about 2.5 years ago and endo was not found, so just discharged and left to get on with it. I kept going back to my GP, because I was also very tearful every month as well, great for 2 weeks of the month and dreadful for the next two weeks, was diagnosed with PMDD, so went back to see another Gynaenocologist and I have been on Prostrap injections for the past 6 months to put me into a medical menopause which switches off my ovaries. Well, it has been a rollercoaster 6 months. I haven't been to work at all. I have bled every month and had even worse pelvic pain and the buttock pain has returned with force (my buttock burning pain and leg pain I had got used to over the years and even though it was there, I was used to it and it became a dull tiring pain) but since being on Prostap the burning and leg pain has been unbelieveably painful and I have been popping codine like I don't know what! I am in my sixth month of the injections now and at long last I have my appointment with my gynaey and I am hoping he will say I can have my ovaries removed, but I am going to tell him about my lower back/buttock/leg pain and tell him I am convinced it is endo related and ask what he will do about it, as I am not being fobbed off again like last time.

    Sorry I have been on a rant, but when I read about your leg pain, I just related with it immediately and wanted to tell you my story. I hope your alright and you get it sorted out. Good luck and take care. X

  • Hi Sarah47 no worries I understand it's terrible thing to have this endometriosis I hate it

    Thankyou for your reply 👍

  • I had pain in my buttock and the front of my right leg for a few months prior to endo surgery and I was convinced it was related to endo. I guessed the adhesions were pulling my anatomy out of shape and/or adhesions or cysts were pressing on a nerve. Following surgery in May all this pain has now gone so my guess was correct.

    Some women with endo get a lot of pain in the buttock or down the back of the leg due pressure from endo on the the sciatic nerve which goes down the back of each leg. Other nerves can have pressure on them in the lower back region and theses travel down both legs. So there's plenty of scope for endo to cause pain in the buttocks, legs and groin area. The pain can be on one side or both sides.

    Best of luck with your surgery and your recovery.

  • Thankyou brownlow endometriosis isn't a nice thing to have but no health issues are nice to have but that's life I guess 👍

  • Kat4u101,

    sorry to hear that, i had a lap in 2009 and it came out that i had endo and tube blockage with adhesion. i was put on zoladex to ease the pain but after some months the pain returned again, infact t i was having thigh pain and lower abdominal pain, this has taken me back to zoladex which i took in april, i haven't menstruated yet so cant say if the pain will return, but i can say the endo could be the course of the pain. Just go through the surgery. I wish you good luck

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