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Endometriosis during menopause??



I am 47 years old, apart from one small bleed in July I’ve been period free since Dec 17. Three days ago I was admitted to hospital with severe pain in the pelvic and abdomen area. I had blood tests, swabs, internal ultrasound, ct scan and all of these showed nothing. Years ago I had a laparoscopy which showed endometriosis.. since then Id forgotten because I’ve not suffered with it since. The dr deduced that what I have now then is endometriosis. I’m not saying it isn’t but it doesn’t make sense... why now at this time of life? Isn’t endometriosis linked to periods?

Can anyone else share or advise?

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endo is linked to oestrogen production, so no not periods, however normal cycles do have peaks of oestrogen. We are mammals regarless of sex we all produce oestrogen so endo has the potential to always grow. When in large enough amounts it produces it's own oestrogen.

In summary going through the menopause and having a hysterectomy will not stop endo, if it's there it will always be there as it's at a cellular level.

Some women have no symptoms, also symptoms vary. Women can a little end and lots of symptoms or lots of endo and very few symptoms, so it's all different.

I know it doesn't help but hopefully it explains it xx

Thank you very much for taking the time to reply.. I found your info very helpful and it made endo a bit more understandable for me. x

I would doubt very much endometriosis was to blame. Im glad your tests were otherwise good. That is very reassuring. As long as ypu are bettet it is worth putting these things to bed and move on x

Archiebaldy in reply to Lottie80

I think the same.. I am sceptical of the diagnosis.. just to add.. I am not better so moving on isn’t an option just yet.. I’ve come home and I’m no better off than when I went

The reason id doubt this was endo is that it would be very unusual for it to have behaved for many years and then cause trouble around the time of the menopause. Hope you are better

Archiebaldy in reply to Lottie80

I’m not sure what else I’m supposed to do apart from hope that it will settle down.. I did express my thoughts about the timing and that I’m menopausal but I feel because they were puzzled with all the results it was the only explanation

I would see if it settles over a few days. Those tests should have picked up if something serious was wrong. If though it gets worse or in a weeks time you are still the same then go bk. I hope you feel better soon.

Archiebaldy in reply to Lottie80

Thank you, I appreciate you taking the time.. fingers crossed it settles down

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