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Laparoscopy complete

Hi ladies,

Well I arrived at 6:20 after an hour and half drive, to be sat in the waiting room for 6 hours, sitting upright is my idea of hell, my husband wasn't a load to stay so had to make himself busy all day, all the ladies where lovely and we had a good old chat, nurses and docs where lovely too

So I went down at 1:30 to be sat in another chair and waited another hour, finally went in and work up In recovery about 4:30 I think, woke up fine no major pain or hassle, had a long wait for bed and git to ward room at 7:30 finally seeing hubby again after nearly 12 hours

So not great but that's how it goes, these things happen

I had my left overies removed as it was stuck to wall and scared he left right one but had to remove that from appendix, no endo found at all, (shocked) but something on wall was removed and sent for analysis, he thinks it could be remnant of overies,

And that's that, all I remember him saying, apart from mentioning pelvic congestion,

Should see him again today or Saturday so if anything else is said I will update you all,

In bed with a cuppa now recovering and praying that's what was causing pain,


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Hi Tracy, glad you're ok. Pelvic congestion syndrome is like varicose veins, I think, which can cause a lot of pain. Hopefully when you see him again you will get more answers. Get plenty of rest sweetie.


Thanks Jean, hasn't said I've got it but it's a possibilities,

How are you now???


Not great going for second opinion. Consultant phoned me last week and admitted, after six months, that he didn't touch the endo on my bowel. Think he's left endo elsewhere too, so still suffering. But I will get there.

Take care Hun. Keep in touch.


Hi Tracy, how are you doing?


I really hope that has helped you out! Sending hugs and prayers your way for an easy recovery ❤️


Hope you have a smooth recovery xx


hope you feel better soon, big hugs xx


Hope you're out of hospital soon. Best wishes


sending hugs and good wishes for a speedy recovery. I hope they have got it all and you will soon be pain free X


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