HI am Laura 31 I had a hystercomty 6 years ago since then I've had so much in my left side . They left both my overies in not wanting me to go throu the change so early I've had scans etc which have shown both overies are covered in cysts I don't have periods . So the consultant wants to try me on these injections to turn my overies off . Has anybody else had these gnrh injections .... am so confused coz if they find this doesn't work they are going put a camera in my tummy

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  • Hi Laura the injections basically put you into a temporary menopause. I'm on my 5th injection and they've been a big help. I would suggest you do some research on them before you have them as they do come with a lot of side effects some of which can be long term even after you stop them. When you say they want to put a camera in your tummy do mean a laparoscopy? If this is the case I wouldn't worry to much as it will give them a much better idea of what is going on.

  • Yeah I mean a laparoscopy . I've read the side effects and some of them really don't sound nice at all . How are they given ? I've read it gets injected under your skin on your tummy / buttock ... do you have to start hrt once your on these. Am glad they are working for you and thank you for answering my questions x

  • Hi Laura. Yeah I have mine in my tummy. I'm not on hrt due to the fact that I'm 42 and will be having a hysterectomy, ovary removal and excision in March.

  • Thank you I hope they don't hurt to much . . And good luck with your op

  • Hi - I assume the cysts have been confirmed as endometriomas (caused by endometriosis)? Why did you have the hysterectomy - if it was for endo did they tell you where your endo was and was it supposedly removed? Can you describe what pain you are having and where in the UK are you as treatment options vary.

  • I had to have a hysterectomy due to the fact they couldn't control my bleeding which we try ed lots of different things coil etc . The pain I get is like a stabbing pain in my lower side it goes in my hip and I get pins n needles down my leg my tummy swells up around the same time every month . When am in so much pain the only thing to cure it is morphine which I have to go to hospital for . They have only just found cysts n signs of endometriosis on my last scan . Am in market Drayton Shropshire

  • Hi - these pains strongly suggest endo in a deep place involving your bowel that would have been behind your uterus. Unfortunately a hysterectomy will have done nothing to resolve the endo left behind which would have been the underlying cause of your heavy periods and your ovaries will have continued to help feeding the endo. The GnRH injections are not the appropriate treatment unless part of a surgical plan. In fact if you did have the injections and your pain went away then this would indicate the cause as endo which would require a laparoscopy. If they didn't resolve your pain this would suggest the deep kind of endo that often doesn't respond to the medication. Either way you would require a lap. You need to be seen in a specialist endo centre where they have the expertise to investigate what is going on and to give you a thorough laparoscopy that general gynaecologists won't have the skill to do. As you are in England you have access to NHS Choices and can choose where you go for treatment. Click on my name and have a look at my post on how to find a specialist centre.

  • Exactly!!

  • It sounds like you are going to continue having problems with your overies, which caused all the problems in the first place. If you had a hysterectomy due to endo or other issues, the root cause of endo is your ovary's. If you're concerned with hormones there are plenty of hormone replacement therapies, and I know a few woman who successfully wear a patch or take them by mouth. If your ovary's have cycsts and causing that much of problem, hormones or not, those girls need to go! You've already had the hysterectomy, just have the rest taken out, the one's that are causing the problem from the beginning. I have a good friend who first had a hyster like you but they left the ovary's in, like you. Same problems persisted and they told her, "sorry, but the ovary's need to come out after all". Her attitude was, "gee thanks a lot, would have been nice to have been aware of this option from the beginning and I wouldn't have had to have had TWO surgeries!". I would do yourself a favor and consider just not dealing with them anymore, you will be probably be a lot happier.

  • The question is though, what's driving the ovarian cysts?

  • Normal or functional ovarian cysts are caused when a follicle doesn't release an egg or, if it does, fails to discharge the fluid within and shrink or if the tissue left behind (corpus luteum) fills with fluid. The condition PCOS occurs when lots of follicles start to develop but fail to mature. All such instances are controlled by hormones and in a woman who no longer has a uterus the hormones are likely to be altered. In some women the ovaries fail soon after hysterectomy and I think it is probable that your ovaries are now producing reduced oestrogen levels after 6 years and if these cysts are just functional then it is likely they are being caused by follicles failing to mature. This can occur in healthy women who have gone through natural menopause.

    However, if they are endometriomas then this is a different situation. Your ovaries must still be producing enough oestrogen to feed endo but ultimately the cause of endo is not yet known besides it being a complex immune/endocrine condition. In particular the pathogenesis of ovarian endo (endometriomas) is an enigma. It has been suggested that endo on the outside of the ovary may become encased by the exterior wall of the ovary and then gets drawn in within a capsule as the blood cannot escape. However, the general belief is that peritoneal endo (that would be on the outside) is caused by retrograde menstruation so that could not be the case in someone with no uterus. If these cysts are endometriomas then the cause will be unknown but I suspect they are functional cysts.

    In a young woman it is not just a case of removing ovaries as she will still require oestrogen in the form of HRT which is just replacing one source of oestrogen with another. Additionally the ovaries produce other important hormones such as testosterone and endo can produce oestrogen within its own cells too (that is not dependant on the ovaries). Oestrogen can be produced in other tissues such as in adipose fat. An obese woman with endo and no ovaries can have particular problems with ongoing endo. The critical issue is to have all the endo excised and if the ovaries are too diseased to salvage then it is very important when taking HRT to carefully monitor the levels of circulating oestrogen with regular blood tests and health checks. It would be useful to have your oestrogen levels taken now while you have your ovaries to establish your level.

  • Your ovary's do....In addition to my endometriosis that is covered outside my uterus covering several organs and inside, I also have cysts. The cyst on my left is the size of a tangerine and the one on the right is the size of an orange. My body, for whatever reason and like thousands of other woman is just simply out of control. I had cysts on my ovary's in highschool, they disappeared after I had kids for years, but then came back about 12-15 years later and would spontaneous burst (NOT a good time), so now it's like it's all driving in the fast lane and I made the decision to just have it all out...many tears and I am scared, but so ready for this pain and chaos in my body to be over. Take care!

  • Just thaught I'd give a quick up date went back to hospital yesterday to see consulant who has now decided she will do a laparoscopy in about 5 weeks so just waiting for a date now .... fingers crossed they find the problem and sort it ...

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