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Hi there, I have just been told I have endo. I'm not sure how bad or where exactly it is because I have just had a pelvic examination. I am waiting for the laparoscopy. It is thought it is around my bowl though because I have pains there during my period. I did have an ultrasound a month ago (where I was told I had fluid around my womb but not endo?!). Anyway, I'm now terrified I have it everywhere because I Googled fluid around the womb and endo came up. I have just started trying for a baby with my partner and am now terrified I won't get pregnant. Would appreciate any advice.

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  • Hey - every case is different. The odds were stacked against me. I had PCOS and (at the time undiagnosed endometriosis). After a year of trying I was about to be put on the initial Clomid to start things in the right direction but I delayed as I was starting a new job. And then, when the time was right, I conceived anyway. It's best to just do what you're doing and try for a while before getting too worried and there are heaps of experts out there if you do struggle a little bit. Good luck xx

  • Thank you, I appreciate your response. I've been reading lots about it and I think it makes me worse!! I'll keep trying and hope for the best. Congratulations to you - great news :-) xx

  • actually this was a little while ago now - I have two now :) :) but everything is still very vivid in my mind. stay positive x

  • Aww lovely - gives me hope. x

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