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What is happening to my body!?

Hi all, I hope your all well.

So I'm 2 and a half months post excision surgery with insertion of miren coil my surgeon was 99% certain all endo is gone and I've been backwards and forwards to the doctors because my body feels all over the place.

I've been experiencing pelvic cramping/sharp pains which I assumed to be the mirena settling in but it's also occurring when I empty my bladder And sometimes it's quite painful but I've tested negative for any water infection. Sex is a no go it's so painful and uncomfortable sometimes no position can help ease the pain.

Constantly passing gas and burping with bowel cramps and having To run to the toilet but sometimes it's so hard to go I may as well be pooping rocks.

My stomach also ballooned up last night for the first time since before my surgery,

I have random abdominal aches, pulling sensations, stomach ache pains down my Lower rib cage (mainly after the eating) and under my right rib cage by my stomach when I breathe deeply, the doctor has put me on omprezole which has stopped the acid reflux but not the pains so I'm being tested for h pylori and gastritis.

It's all reminiscent of endo problems before Surgery.

One minute I'm fine the next I feel so tired and have no energy what so ever i thought I'd feel so much better after my surgery but I almost feel like my body is struggling or something, has anyone else experienced this?

Is it possible for the endo to be back so quickly despite not having periods anymore?

I'm at a loss over what is happening and would appreciate it if anyone could shine some light on this, I made the massive mistake of googling my symptoms and now I'm worried.

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Hi Racheymon. Saw your post and had to reply. I had my third laparoscopy to remove Endometriosis at the end of Jan earlier this year and over the past few months I've had exactly EVERYTHING you've just posted.

My main problem is feeling a taught tu going sensation and cramp in the left hand side of my pelvis- which is cramp and hurts even more whenever I empty my bladder- I've had bowel trouble too which my gp has just given me laxatives and softeners for but I've also been referred for another ultrasound just to see if it could be anything related to my last surgery. I've been exhausted, swollen and probably worse than I've ever felt prior to my surgeries so you are totally not alone.

If you really do feel that something is not right then trust your body lovely. It's better to go and try to see your specialist or gynecologist to make sure that there isn't a more sinister reason for your symptoms. It is possible for Endometriosis to come back instantly after removal- due to its nature.

Hoping that you manage to find some relief but I really would suggest speaking to your gp or your specialist about how you are feeling. You shouldn't have to suffer.

Love Jordan X


Hi Jordan, thanks for replying! I agree I feel worse and it's driving me crazy. Don't get me wrong I have good days and it doesn't affect me exercising but some days I feel awful and just want to lie down.

I made the mistake of googling and according to google now I have pretty much every cancer imaginable - which has made me panic! But considering my op was 2 months ago I think they'd of noticed something wasn't right.

I hope your scan gives you some answers its unfair that we always end up in limbo with our bodies. Do you suffer with upper stomach issues also? I'm now on 20mg omeprezole daily but I feel i isn't enough x


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