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Endo pain or IBS?

I had surgery in December 2015 and they abalated endo from "left side" (your guess is as good as mine). Fast forward a few months and I'm regularly getting low pelvic cramping and pain in my rectum before having a BM. I'm not constipated, nor do I have diarrhoea. I also have pain in my rectum when I pass gas. I'm wondering if these are endo symptoms or IBS symptoms... Any help/advice welcome.


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I get the same thing on my left too which has also got alot worse since lap in April I had superficial nodules removed from uterosacrial ligaments and from my rectum so have been told it may be scar tissue causing the pain ?? I get pain as well up my bum (sorry tmi ) when I stand up for very long or lift any weight. I also have adenomyosis which I've been told after lap my uterus is swollen and sore and pushing on my bladder and bowel. I am 41 and am awaiting a hysterectomy now and removal of endo, if any left.

I was told not alot by hospital after lap so asked for copies of my notes and have the notes that were made after surgery and pictures :) :)

All makes a bit more sense with pain although most of my pain seems to come from my bowel I have tried many endo diets but nothing seems to help. After a bowel movement sometimes makes me very shakey and nneed to go so often but it not diarrhoea and I'm pretty much restricted to not doing much at the moment. Hot water bottle helps a bit. It so difficult hope this helps a bit do you think endo could have been removed from your bowel/ rectum ?


Could be and it could even be from the scar tissue go back to gp or consultant xx


As far as i know I've not had any endo removed from my bowel or bladder so I don't think it's scar tissue. I have an appointment to see my consultant next month. Thank you for your reply.


I've been having the samething ! I had a lap 8 weeks ago and apparently my bowel is clear


They have said that to me too. Couldn't see anything there. I'm currently under a gastroenterologist and he believes that it is endo too. It's so frustrating!!


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