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Prostap Injection

Hi girls,

Was at gyn yesterday and we have decided to change tact.

I am on cerezette and it is not doing a lot to control my endo so as I suffer from DVT (deep vein thrombosis) the Dr said abou trying prostap injections as I can't have anymore surgery just now since I only had a lap and hysterscopy in Feb. I also can't try the combined pill because of the DVTs and the mirena coil caused me big problems when I tried that after I haemorrhaged a couple of years back.

However with the injections I can't have HRT due to the fact it would likely cause me another clot.

I know it can bring on the menapause whilst on the injections and that if you have a partner then you need a barrier contraceptive.

Has anyone else tried these injections and how did they find them? Xx

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