Help with pain

Help with pain

I have had pain for years, the doctors always tell me something different. I am a care taker for my disabled husband. The other day I was bathing him and almost dropped him while I was trying to stand. I had a shooting pain in my abdomen. Does anyone have any suggestions on relieving this pain. I do yoga, meditation which help, but I have had to modify my yoga so much it seems ineffective for my ra now. I d d get the ball rolling with a doctor who just wanted to do a hysterectomy, but the insurance said no others steps had to be taken first. He has not returned my call. So I started over again with another, but I have to wait until October. I want to take control of this my self..

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Are you on any perscribed painkillers? Advil and Tylenol don't cover my pain to I take Naoroxen, could you maybe ask your doctor for some?

You can also try an antiinflamatory diet, not cutting out foods but instead adding in foods that stop inflammation from happening or calm it down such a ginger, Tumeric, cranberry, and pinapples.

Best wishes Xx

No pain killers, the only thing that seem to work is muscle relaxant. They put me to sleep, however. I take vitamins to help, but it just continues to get worse.

Can you maybe ask your dr or gyn to get a hold of your insurance for you, they might be able to spread things up.

My last one was an idiot. Sorry, I had to find a new one but they have no openings until October, so here I sit...

I have the same thing I'm waiting to see a gyn on Halloween, I was referred in May, dr's take a long time to see. If nothing is working go to the hospital and they might be able to help you. Do you have a nurse hotline? You can speak with a nurse & they can reccomend different treatments, unfourtenatly on this site we aren't dr's we're just people with a common disease trying to help one another out.

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