Yoga as a pain relief / Herbalist alternative relief

Hi, I am still waiting for my lap, seems to be taking forever and I am wondering if anyone out there has used Yoga for pain relief? either before or post lap? and are there any better positions for helping? some websites say yoga helps, but not sure if it means 'gentle yoga' or full on workouts? I have been doing yoga for a few years now and I am looking at alternative relief, including going to see a herbalist next week to try and balance my moods ( I cannot take hormones due to issues in the past - erythema nodosum ). Any advise on alternative relief would be great!

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  • I would presume the websites refer to gentle yoga. You need to be pretty careful with yoga for severe endometriosis with cysts and adhesions - because the stretching can make the pain worse. I know it didn't do me any favours so I stay clear now and find walking is the best things for me.

    I tried acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine, and I did become even more poorly but that could have just been the disease progression but they did not work for me at all.

    The only thing that helps me, is walking and the endo diet. I don't follow it completely but when I do, I feel better. Reducing dairy, bad fats, and wheat are key. It won't remove the endo, nothing will other than a good excision surgeon, but a good diet does help reduce inflammation and that's probably one of the most powerful things we can do for our bodies.

    Goodluck x

  • thanks for the advice

  • Hi I have found this lady and her website incredibly helpful.

  • I agree gentle yoga is definitely better than some of the more dynamic classes - or just do them at a more gentle pace which is what I do( but done yoga for over 15 years). There is a specific lady in Sweden I think who does yoga for endometriosis on her website wo check that out. I have also tried acupuncture with a lady who specialises in endo and have seen great results - most symptoms have improved and pain almost gone - not the same with the last person I saw so I think the key is getting the right person - hard I know. I also see a herbalist (not Chinese) and she gives me balancing mixtures which I feel help but also does wonderful massage and can tell where I have scar tissue etc - again really depends on getting a good person. I would try and see how you get on and then change if no improvement - but don't give up - there are some good people out there. Good luck

  • thank you so much for all your advise, all helps, as I really do not know where to start.

  • Hi. I have been religiously practicing yoga for years. There are a lot of great benefits to yoga. In the last three years I started increasing my frequency of weekly practice (+6 times per week), and stopped running and swimming. It is in the last three years that my endo symptoms really started showing themselves. Now I think I best get running again. I would say just listen to your body. It never lies :)

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