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Is Zoladex supposed to help with pain?

I have always had pain on my lower right hand side, I was diagnosed April 2011. I had Mirena coil fitted and the pain in right side got so bad I had it removed after 5 weeks. I have had one injection of Zoladex so far, but right side pain is worsening (I went for a long walk and this seemed to trigger it off!). I was just wondering if anyone else still suffered pain on the Zoladex?

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Because of the way Zoladex works it causes a symptom "flare" before it actually starts working. How long has it been for you now? I had the same back in 2010, mirena + Zoladex and I also hated the mirena!

Have you started to notice any menopause symptoms yet? That's how you'll know it's working. It probably did take me 2 months or more to feel significantly better but once I did the difference was amazing.


I had my first Zoladex just before xmas, due one next week. To be honest I have felt a whole lot better in general, I just went for a walk the other day and the pain in my right side flared up and I had a little bleed!

I have been getting headaches which are quite bad, think these must be a side effect! But otherwise no menopause symptoms as yet, fingers crossed.

How long did the effect of zoladex last for you?


Hi, I have been on zoladex since October ready for laparoscopy in just over a weeks time. After the first one I still had the awful pain but I was kind of expecting it as the consultant had said as much due to having the injection towards the end of my cycle. But since then, apart from the odd niggle I've pretty much had a pain free couple of months and felt really good. Just the hot flushes to contend with!


i have been on and off zoladex for yrs .i felt amazing on it .Usually takes to your second injection to feel better ,you can have some bleeding to start with but that is normal ,buy the time your second injection is done you should feel like a new woman xx


Two weeks into my second injection (no HRT) and I still feel terrible! Hardly eating and pain worse. I am definately abnormal!


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